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Tis the season to be jolly

Two weeks into the holidays and Christmas is coming up, lets see how I’ve been doing lately.

Met up with the old gang at Loof for some get together on the 9th. Seems like everyone is doing quite well. Tried to fix Kaisuan’s new phone but seems like somebody superglued the battery panel to the phone… Even enlisted Rain’s colleague to open but no one seems to be able to crack open it. Went to Geylang for supper when we can’t find any movie to catch. Daniel was kind enough to give me a ride home, since he had to drive Rain home and I live quite near her.

Most of holidays I’ve been stuck at home, since my mum got one of her friend to come over and paint the house. I’ve been relegated the duty of housewatching as her friend can only come over after his work and I have to be present to let him in. Still, I did manage to catch Casino Royale with Kenny. He got some free tickets from Vivocity, apparently somebody was giving them away by the bulk, but the tix were valid only after the 7th and only on Monday to Wednesday. Which practically leave Monday and Tuesday to watch the show since the run is ending. Anyway, quite a nice show without all those impossible technology gadget bullshit that the previous show has. And not to mention the Aston Martin DBS, my dream car *drool* (The DB9 is my dream car actually, the DBS’ older brother). Not much air time for the car though, it only appears mainly stationary and for a short while.

Got employed by a friend to help her do some electronic stuff for her model or project or something… Think I spent something like 9 hours on the soldering and stuff… Don’t feel like doing anymore electronic for the rest of my life… Sheesh…

Module bidding next week, the signalling of the start of a new semester. Already decided on what 4 modules to take, can’t make up the fifth one. Hopefully I can get what I want.


I wanna play a game

“Suffering, You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet”

Watched SAW 3 yesterday with Hairol and Ngiap. Quite a gory show, especially the first two murders, although its not as bloody as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.  I believe SAW 3 is the goriest of the trilogy, I don’t remember cringing that much when I watched the first two shows.  As usual, Jigsaw is clever and crafty in his setup, even in his deathbed. Quite a meaningful movie. (Kinda weird to associate meaningful with a horror flick, huh?)

After the movie, I met up with my army buddies and went to The Mind Cafe at Boat Quay to play board games. Quite a cosy place and the staff there were really friendly. Played a few games like Taboo, Citadel, You’re Pulling My Leg etc. Had a great time there, this proved that you don’t need booze to enjoy yourself.


The Departed

Finally got to watch The Departed, Martin Scorsese’s interpretation of Hong Kong’s sleeper hit Infernal Affairs (They don’t make movies like Infernal Affairs anymore, now its those pop idol bullshit…)

For me, this movie is like Ron Howard’s The Da Vinci Code, where I already knew about the story and is just there to see how the director is gonna present the movie and spot the difference.

As with other adaptations (be it from a book or foreign movie), there is a slight departure (pun intended) from the original story. The movie has a great casting and my favorite character is easily Mark Wahlberg’s, (Man, where I can learn to swear like that? Damn friggin creative) although his character at the end is a tad “extra”. The entire storyline is a good one, except for the beginning, where the development towards part where they suspected that there is a snitch (a “cheese eating rat bastard”, to put in Frank Costello words) in both side of the law. It could be better if they showed some botched operations to carry the idea of a mole in them. Also the movie could show some irony if the two main characters actually knew each other (like in Infernal Affairs) but that link could be present in the psychologist.

In all, the movie is quite atuned to the original, except for some necessary changes for it to fit into the American culture and the Irish mob setting. What I think was really weak is the ending scene, I pretty much think the movie would be significantly better if it ended as a cliffhanger like the original but a cameo in the end redeemed it just a bit.


A fashionable devil

Watched The Devil Wears Prada yesterday at Cineleisure with Hairol. A very nice show with a touch of humour here and there and Anne Hathaway is *hot*. It shows how screwed up it is to work for a demanding boss and Hairol commented on how Miranda Priestley (Meryl Streep) reminded him of his female boss (*shudders*).

Interestingly, Cathay has a 12% discount on movie tickets for UOB cardholders. Hmmm… Didn’t know that and had a pleasant surprise. No regret getting that Campus card. 😉

In an unrelated news, I went to Funan yesterday and got the Zeroshock laptop sleeve. So now instead lugging along my laptop bag, I lug along my school bag and carry the laptop in my arms… Hmmm…


The (Mis)Adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow

Watched Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man’s Chest yesterday with Hairol at Cathay Cineleisure. Jack Sparrow is still the crafty cynical weasel that he was during the first installment of the movie and this time round he still manage to get himself into deep trouble. At the same time he also drag Will and Elizabeth into the same shit he is in. A great show, surpassing all the other movies released lately I dare say. As with many movies lately, there’s a small clip after the credit but I don’t quite think that its worth the 5+ mins wait. Nonetheless its still quite funny.

Shopped around after the show and went to both i21 and Apple Centre at Wheelock. Fell in love with the new MacBook… (Yes… Yes… I’m a geek… I fall in love with computers…) It’s sleek and beautiful and it runs Windows too. (Not that I love Windows… But I’ve been working in a Windows environment for so long… Quite hard to make the switch)
The Notebook Ownership Scheme at NUS is also selling the MacBook… Now I’m so tempted…


I’m gonna gas you so hard…

Caught the movie Over The Hedge over at Cathay Cineleisure yesterday with Hairol. Wanted to book the tickets at first but something screwed up and Hairol can't book it online so I went down to get the tix personally. It seems like Cathay only release row C onward for booking and reserve row A and B for walk-in purchases. When I went to website, the entire top row was fully booked but when I went to the box office, the top two rows were totally free. So guys, if you want really good seats, go early to the box office and buy them.

Anyway, back to the show. A very funny show I should say. Its also very exaggerated, especially in the R.J. opening up the bag of nachos scene and the "The Depelter Turbo 2000" scene. A very good show. It seems like lately, Hollywood've been working hard. Putting out good shows instead of lousy ones.


So Dark The Con Of Man

Went to watch The Da Vinci Code yesterday with Hairol at Cineleisure. A very good show, especially when you've already read the book. The movie helps you to visualise the book, enabling you to see many of the scenes which you can only imagine when reading the book. Due to time constraint, some parts of the book are left out in the movie and also for the continuity, many scenes are different from the book and being rushed through. But hey, you can't be really true to the book, otherwise, you'll get a four hour movie instead of a two hour one and the budget will be astronomical. The movie, same as the book, can really make a believer out of you at some point of the movie. Making you really think that Jesus had a wife and descendants. The CGI are superb, with the camera weaving in and out of cars, rooms and also the recreation of places like Westminster Abbey etc. A really good movie which I recommend everyone to watch it. If you've watch the movie and haven't read the book yet, I'll suggest you read it as it is more detailed. I really hope they make a prequel to the movie, Angels and Demon, but I doubt so as it would be impossible to get access to the Vatican City for a 'blasphemous' show.



Just finished watching Crash, which I've loan from VideoEzy. After watching it, you can really feel that it deserves the Oscar much more than Brokeback Mountain. While Brokeback Mountain brought the taboo issue of homosexual into big screens all over the world and won Lee Ang the Best Director award, Crash shows the very real issue of racial discrimination and blurs the line between good and bad. It also shows how complete strangers and touch each other's lifes and completely change it. A very good show, two thumbs up.


V For Very Cheem

Watch V For Vendetta yesterday with Weiting and two other Mortar guys. A very nice movie except that V kept speaking in shakespearean… Which is very hard to keep up even with the chinese subtitles… The movie takes place in the dystopic future with a totalitarian regime in England very much like the Orwellian 1984 and Nazi Germany where people's life are constantly monitored, secret police prowling the streets after curfew and concentration camps. The movie's protaganist, V, modelled himself after Guy Fawkes (complete with a Guy Fawkes mask) of the Gunpowder Plot and seeks to topple the regime by igniting a popular uprising and also blowing up a couple of buildings in the process.

Went to Hooters at Clarke Quay next for booze. Not really expensive but its not cheap also… And the buffalo platter seems to be a little soggy… The only thing special is that the jugs are *big* (*nudge*nudge*wink*wink*)