Tis the season to be jolly

Two weeks into the holidays and Christmas is coming up, lets see how I’ve been doing lately.

Met up with the old gang at Loof for some get together on the 9th. Seems like everyone is doing quite well. Tried to fix Kaisuan’s new phone but seems like somebody superglued the battery panel to the phone… Even enlisted Rain’s colleague to open but no one seems to be able to crack open it. Went to Geylang for supper when we can’t find any movie to catch. Daniel was kind enough to give me a ride home, since he had to drive Rain home and I live quite near her.

Most of holidays I’ve been stuck at home, since my mum got one of her friend to come over and paint the house. I’ve been relegated the duty of housewatching as her friend can only come over after his work and I have to be present to let him in. Still, I did manage to catch Casino Royale with Kenny. He got some free tickets from Vivocity, apparently somebody was giving them away by the bulk, but the tix were valid only after the 7th and only on Monday to Wednesday. Which practically leave Monday and Tuesday to watch the show since the run is ending. Anyway, quite a nice show without all those impossible technology gadget bullshit that the previous show has. And not to mention the Aston Martin DBS, my dream car *drool* (The DB9 is my dream car actually, the DBS’ older brother). Not much air time for the car though, it only appears mainly stationary and for a short while.

Got employed by a friend to help her do some electronic stuff for her model or project or something… Think I spent something like 9 hours on the soldering and stuff… Don’t feel like doing anymore electronic for the rest of my life… Sheesh…

Module bidding next week, the signalling of the start of a new semester. Already decided on what 4 modules to take, can’t make up the fifth one. Hopefully I can get what I want.

Kee Wee

Kee Wee is an IT Specialist specialising in High Availability and Messaging solutions. He is a curious person who likes to build things and figure out how stuff works. This is where he share his thoughts with the world.

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