The Departed

Finally got to watch The Departed, Martin Scorsese’s interpretation of Hong Kong’s sleeper hit Infernal Affairs (They don’t make movies like Infernal Affairs anymore, now its those pop idol bullshit…)

For me, this movie is like Ron Howard’s The Da Vinci Code, where I already knew about the story and is just there to see how the director is gonna present the movie and spot the difference.

As with other adaptations (be it from a book or foreign movie), there is a slight departure (pun intended) from the original story. The movie has a great casting and my favorite character is easily Mark Wahlberg’s, (Man, where I can learn to swear like that? Damn friggin creative) although his character at the end is a tad “extra”. The entire storyline is a good one, except for the beginning, where the development towards part where they suspected that there is a snitch (a “cheese eating rat bastard”, to put in Frank Costello words) in both side of the law. It could be better if they showed some botched operations to carry the idea of a mole in them. Also the movie could show some irony if the two main characters actually knew each other (like in Infernal Affairs) but that link could be present in the psychologist.

In all, the movie is quite atuned to the original, except for some necessary changes for it to fit into the American culture and the Irish mob setting. What I think was really weak is the ending scene, I pretty much think the movie would be significantly better if it ended as a cliffhanger like the original but a cameo in the end redeemed it just a bit.

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