So Dark The Con Of Man

Went to watch The Da Vinci Code yesterday with Hairol at Cineleisure. A very good show, especially when you've already read the book. The movie helps you to visualise the book, enabling you to see many of the scenes which you can only imagine when reading the book. Due to time constraint, some parts of the book are left out in the movie and also for the continuity, many scenes are different from the book and being rushed through. But hey, you can't be really true to the book, otherwise, you'll get a four hour movie instead of a two hour one and the budget will be astronomical. The movie, same as the book, can really make a believer out of you at some point of the movie. Making you really think that Jesus had a wife and descendants. The CGI are superb, with the camera weaving in and out of cars, rooms and also the recreation of places like Westminster Abbey etc. A really good movie which I recommend everyone to watch it. If you've watch the movie and haven't read the book yet, I'll suggest you read it as it is more detailed. I really hope they make a prequel to the movie, Angels and Demon, but I doubt so as it would be impossible to get access to the Vatican City for a 'blasphemous' show.

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