V For Very Cheem

Watch V For Vendetta yesterday with Weiting and two other Mortar guys. A very nice movie except that V kept speaking in shakespearean… Which is very hard to keep up even with the chinese subtitles… The movie takes place in the dystopic future with a totalitarian regime in England very much like the Orwellian 1984 and Nazi Germany where people's life are constantly monitored, secret police prowling the streets after curfew and concentration camps. The movie's protaganist, V, modelled himself after Guy Fawkes (complete with a Guy Fawkes mask) of the Gunpowder Plot and seeks to topple the regime by igniting a popular uprising and also blowing up a couple of buildings in the process.

Went to Hooters at Clarke Quay next for booze. Not really expensive but its not cheap also… And the buffalo platter seems to be a little soggy… The only thing special is that the jugs are *big* (*nudge*nudge*wink*wink*)

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