I’m gonna gas you so hard…

Caught the movie Over The Hedge over at Cathay Cineleisure yesterday with Hairol. Wanted to book the tickets at first but something screwed up and Hairol can't book it online so I went down to get the tix personally. It seems like Cathay only release row C onward for booking and reserve row A and B for walk-in purchases. When I went to website, the entire top row was fully booked but when I went to the box office, the top two rows were totally free. So guys, if you want really good seats, go early to the box office and buy them.

Anyway, back to the show. A very funny show I should say. Its also very exaggerated, especially in the R.J. opening up the bag of nachos scene and the "The Depelter Turbo 2000" scene. A very good show. It seems like lately, Hollywood've been working hard. Putting out good shows instead of lousy ones.

Kee Wee

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