The (Mis)Adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow

Watched Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man’s Chest yesterday with Hairol at Cathay Cineleisure. Jack Sparrow is still the crafty cynical weasel that he was during the first installment of the movie and this time round he still manage to get himself into deep trouble. At the same time he also drag Will and Elizabeth into the same shit he is in. A great show, surpassing all the other movies released lately I dare say. As with many movies lately, there’s a small clip after the credit but I don’t quite think that its worth the 5+ mins wait. Nonetheless its still quite funny.

Shopped around after the show and went to both i21 and Apple Centre at Wheelock. Fell in love with the new MacBook… (Yes… Yes… I’m a geek… I fall in love with computers…) It’s sleek and beautiful and it runs Windows too. (Not that I love Windows… But I’ve been working in a Windows environment for so long… Quite hard to make the switch)
The Notebook Ownership Scheme at NUS is also selling the MacBook… Now I’m so tempted…

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