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Summer Vacation

It’s interesting how they call it the summer vacation, when it’s summer all year round in Singapore… But I digress…

Exams have finished and the vacation has begun. (for me, at least =P)
Was a pretty tough semester, with me totally not knowing what’s going on in ST2131 Probability and CS1231 Discrete Structure. At least I’ve already studied some of the stuff taught in CS4274 Mobile and Multimedia Networking back in Polytechnic. (yay diploma!)

Hopefully I can pass my ST2131 *fingers crossed*, considering how much I screw up in my CA… That and CS1231 too.

So for this vacation I’ll be working, at Guocoland as an intern. Starting coming monday, till early august, before the new school term starts. 8:30am to 6pm daily, monday to friday. I’m not sure if I can get used to the working hours.

In another news, Dogster is giving away stickers. The catch is, you have to send in a self-addressed and stamped envelope. Fair enough, but the problem is, I live in Singapore and Dogster is based in the U S of A. Don’t think our stamp will work over there… So after a brief researching (the comments actually…), I came across the International Reply Coupon. Neat! Didn’t know such a thing exist. Basically, you buy the coupon and send it to whoever you are corresponding with. They will take this coupon to their post office (must be a Universal Postal Union member country) and exchange for the minimum postage to any UPU member country. Sweet, now I can get a Dogster sticker and slap it on my laptop.

International Reply Coupon


Long time no see

It has been almost 2 months since I last blogged here. The reason for this long hiatus (well… ‘long’ by internet standards) is that this semester has been quite assignment heavy, so I either don’t have the time or I don’t have to mood to write anything here.

It’s the end of reading week and I my examination schedule is Monday (CS3212), Tuesday (CS3235), Friday (CS3103) and the following Monday (CS2103). Quite confident in most of the papers except for CS3212… Oh I’m so screwed for that paper… I totally don’t understand what is the module is about, at least the content… Oh well… Back to mugging… Will be back blogging after the exams! (I hope…)


Two down… Many more to go

Sort of finished two assignments for term break (gosh… amazing how time goes by so quickly), the XML-RPC one for my CS3103 and report 2 for my CS2103.

The XML-RPC assignment was the first serious coding for this semester… I coded a web service, a server and a client for that assignment. Sounds ‘chim’ right? Actually it’s not. The ‘server’ is actually some codes to open a port and to publish the web service. The client just take some simple value(s), pass it to the server and display the replies. The hard part was the web service, where most of the logic lies. Took me about two days of coding to get it done. Sheesh…

Did most of the work for CS2103 today. Drew up most of the required diagram and we just need to tie up some loose ends before it’s due next Saturday.

Gotta start studying for my mid terms…


On Holiday

1.temporary withdrawal or cessation from the usual work or activity.
2.a period of such withdrawal.

Or so they say…

It’s now the Term Break, or Recess Week. By definition, it should be a period when one gets to relax a little and do some stuff that you are too busy to do during teaching weeks. But in contrast, you are suppose to take this time to catch up on your school work, study for your mid-terms, finish up on your assignments…

Oh, the lies that they have fed us…


No pets and no students allowed

Saw this sign outside the level 1 pantry at COM1 today

No Pets and No Students

This sign kinda reminds me of a scene in Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury.

No dogs or Chinese Allowed

And to think that we paid school fees for this…



Now with the balloting of tutorials over and tutorials starting this week, school is kicking into high gear. And for this semester, I have a total of 3 assignments out of 4 modules… I think my acne is gonna come back with a vengeance…

The image below is my timetable for this semester… A little screwed up with the one hour and two hour class on Monday and Wednesday respectively. Most screwed up is that I couldn’t get the class I want for CS3235 on Tuesday… Now I have an hour’s break, follow by an hour’s class, then another hour’s break before having my last hour of tutorial… Dang…

And a paper on my birthday… Nice…


Oh, and if you’re free also during my break, you can ask me out for lunch. ;D


Don’t Panic

Just bought my CS3235 “Introduction to Computer Security” textbook yesterday and slapped right across the area where the author’s name is usually located are the words “Don’t Panic!”

Hmm… So am I gonna see lots of “42”s in the text or do I have to bring my towel along for the lectures and tutorials?

And I think my lecturer is hoping to outsell books like, say, Computer Security for Dummies or The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Computer Security, because it is slightly cheaper and it has the words “Don’t Panic” on the cover.

PS: Don’t understand what I’m talking about? Go read this or watch this.



Good news and bad news…

First the good news.
Whew… After worrying for a quite a while and craming like crazy for my exams, I managed to clear my current semester.

Bad news?
My CAP has dropped to quite low, thanks to Maths and Electrical Engineering… Not rock bottom yet, but at 3.06, I can’t even fit into a honours classification…

Anyway… A friend of mine whose in the same course as me is trying to find out if we can transfer to a three-year course… And judging by how things are going… Hopefully we can…

Its been 2 weeks since I’ve re-enlisted and I haven’t blog about it yet, so here goes…

As what Guo Wei had said, I was posted to S2 branch and was quite surprised to see a familiar face there, 1SG Yeap. Dunno why everyone don’t quite like him but to me, he’s quite a nice guy. Just yesterday, he treated us to KFC, w00t

In terms of office space and manpower, the S2 branch is quite small. Two officers, a couple of Int Specs and an Int Clerk (excluding me… I’m just an extra there). Quite a nice place to be at, the people are great and the workload ain’t too much (well… at least for me =P). The only bad thing to be posted to S2 branch was that they’ve been assigned to plan a NDP event, the Dynamic Defense Display, for the Army side. So with my diploma and undergrad studies in a computing related field, I’ve been assigned to do some map drawing on the laptop in the branch. Sometimes I do feel I’m back in Support Coy… With all the cancelled and recalled night’s out due to the NDP event.

Went to the NDP site twice during the past weeks and all I can say is that the seating area is really small… And its kind of weird with all the constructions going on at the background of the floating platform. Think I’m gonna go back there again on the coming Wednesday for the rehearsal. So close to civilisation and yet so far…


Exam’s Over!

Finally, the exams are over. My first year in NUS has come to an end. Quite a busy semester, as compared to the last sem… With all the lab and assignment I had in this semester and also I’ve taken mainly core modules this sem… Well… I forsee that I’ll be getting busier as I take higher level modules…

Anyway, its the holidays! A whole three months of it! But it’ll be like a week or so of holiday for me… Since I have resume my NS obligation… Stinking NS…


Going once, going twice…

Round one of the bidding exercise ended without much hiccup. It seems like once you get the hang of it and you have an idea on what modules you want to take, its simpler.

Anyway, these are the modules I’m taking this semester:

  • CS1102
    Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CS1105
    Computing and Society
  • CS2106
    Operating Systems
  • EG1108
    Electrical Engineering
  • MA1505
    Mathematics I

One semester down, many more to go X(