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After Action Review

Finally the exams are over and lets see how I’ve fared:

  • CS1104
    Should be ok, didn’t screw up much. But don’t think I’ll do very well either.
  • CS2301
    Hopefully I can bullshit my way pass the exams. Did quite well for my CA.
  • MA1301
    I need divine intervention for it… Divine intervention of epic proportion…
  • SSA2202
    Same with CS2301. Hopefully I can bullshit my way through
  • LSM1301
    Man… The MCQ was hard… Hopefully I can pass my finals…

So there we have it…
Uni stuff is so hard…

Anyway… Time to put everything behind and relax a bit for the holidays… I’ll worry about it after the 27th, when I get my results


Open Book Exam

Took my 1st paper today, my first exam paper in over two years… Boy, what an experience… Its been a long time since I squeeze my brain juice dry in two hours. Was completely dazed for while after the exam…

The paper was an open book exam, which means you can bring anything and everything you want, short of a laptop and/or other electronic devices (Non-programmable calculator, not included). And as my CS1104 lecturer said; “In an open book exam, the notes and books you have are practically useless.” And I agree with him. Throughout the entire exam, flipping through the notes and textbook didn’t yield any important information, it did clarify some doubt. But it also messes with your brain when the questions are set in a tricky way, so you ended up unsure whether the stuff you wrote is correct or not. Managed to do all the question, less a part on MIPS assembly language… Still don’t quite understand how to implement the code. Not too confident on the exam but since I didn’t screw up on my CA, most likely I won’t fail. And I don’t think I’ll do well either…


I am in acronym hell

It seems like I have died and entered acronym hell

(All events are based on true story. Any resemblance to persons living or dead are intentional)

Lecturer: As you can see, the PC is pointing to the address “00”, which is memory address of the next instruction to be executed by the CPU. The value of the PC is copied into the MAR, after which the value of the PC is increment by “02”. After the value is copied into the MAR, a ‘Read’ signal is asserted to the Memory and the value of the MAR is passed on to the Memory. The Memory will then read the data line as indicated by the MAR and transfer it into the MDR on the processor via the data bus. After which the content of the MDR is copied into the IR.

Me (thinking): What the heck is an IR?

That lecture was one of the most acronym intensive lecture I have attended so far…

What is with the society’s obsession with the usage of abbreviations and acronyms? There are acronyms everywhere… And everyone uses it and some of them don’t even know what they meant. This is especially true in the SAF (see… another acronym..) Stuff like BMTC, HHTI, SMI, PLC, BCS, etc. Sometimes you don’t even have an idea what the heck they are talking about.

Exams coming soon… Don’t know where to start revising.. Argh…


Lab Rat

Since leaving Seconday school six years ago, I have not stepped into a laboratory of any sorts. (Comp lab not counted… Don’t know why they call it a lab also…) And today, I went into one for my LSM1301 General Biology lab session, and I must say its cool.

Today’s assignment was to view two different stuff under the microscope (a 40x/100x/400x microscope). After a ‘Demostration Alpha’ by the teaching assistant (didn’t understand 7 out of 10 words coming out from her mouth… Think she’s from Hong Kong or something…) we were on our own with our microscope and viewing subjects.

The first victim was a Hydrilla plant. We are to remove a leaf from the plant and mount it onto a glass slide, something like what you see on TV (cue The Who’s Who Are You). You’ll have to place the leaf on the glass slide, put a few drops of deionised water and cover it with a coverslip. Quite cool to see those cells up close. The only bummer was adjusting the eyepiece to the width of your eyes… Almost went cock-eyed…

Next up was the cheek cells. First you scrape the inside of your cheek with a toothpick and then you spread the booty onto the glass slide. Next, you place a drop of methylene blue stain onto the slide to stain the normally translucent cells and you then cover it with the coverslip. Interesting to see your own cells in the microscope. Quite looking forward to the next lab session.

Image of a cheek cell taken from the internet


School Daze

Its been almost two weeks since I last posted something here. Since then, I have been either too tired, too lazy or too sick to type and post anything up here.

After matriculating, I spent quite a lot of time on module bidding and planning. Since I’m a freshie, the idea of planning your own module timetable and having to fight with others on module selection was quite overwhelming. Since in poly, the timetable are planned by the departments and one just need to login into a website and look at the timetable. Now, you’ll have to look at what modules you have to take and plan accordingly. To make matters worst (IMO), there’s also breadth modules and unrestricted electives, modules outside of your department, to take. Lost quite a bit of sleep over that module bidding thing… But on the hindsight, it was quite interesting and IMO much better than first-come, first served system. Since you can prioritize which module you want and which module you need. (Showhand anyone? :P)

Last week was orientation week and basically it was to go there early in the morning, play games, make friends and attend talk till the evening. Quite tiring, with all the activities and also waking up early in the morning. Got food poisoning on friday, so I missed Rag Day on saturday. Oh well… Food poisoning was a bitch… I rather be there at Rag Day…

This week was the start of lecture proper. It feels like poly all over again, going to lectures etc, which is a good thing. The modules I chose were quite ok, except for Maths and Computer Organisation… Maths… Argh… Headache…

Now to ballot for tutorials… Another headache coming…