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Archive for November, 2006


Happy Birthday to Me

Celebrating 22 years of terrorising people

Thats right, its my 22nd birthday!
Right smack in the middle of exam period, where to find the time and mood to celebrate?

Instead of going out for lunch or dinner with friends and family, here I am, posting this blog after cramming for my exams… Man… What a birthday celebration…

Oh well… C’est la vie…


Open Book Exam

Took my 1st paper today, my first exam paper in over two years… Boy, what an experience… Its been a long time since I squeeze my brain juice dry in two hours. Was completely dazed for while after the exam…

The paper was an open book exam, which means you can bring anything and everything you want, short of a laptop and/or other electronic devices (Non-programmable calculator, not included). And as my CS1104 lecturer said; “In an open book exam, the notes and books you have are practically useless.” And I agree with him. Throughout the entire exam, flipping through the notes and textbook didn’t yield any important information, it did clarify some doubt. But it also messes with your brain when the questions are set in a tricky way, so you ended up unsure whether the stuff you wrote is correct or not. Managed to do all the question, less a part on MIPS assembly language… Still don’t quite understand how to implement the code. Not too confident on the exam but since I didn’t screw up on my CA, most likely I won’t fail. And I don’t think I’ll do well either…


Star Wars Cantina

I just gotta share this with you guys

*Seems like the embedding is not working… Anyway, here’s the link:*

Apparently somebody has lots of time to sync Lego Star Wars to this and apparently I have too much time on my hands watching this. Time to get back revising my maths 😛

Thanks to roychang at SPUG for pointing out this video


Made in Singapore

Whats the difference between a music album with the word Singapore and the one without? Well… The difference is about $7.

Went to HMV Heeren just now with Hairol to see if Army of Anyone‘s album is out in Singapore. Instead of finding the album, we found this:

Hmmm… Special Singapore Edition… I wonder what is so special about this version of the album, apart from the price, which is about $7 less. Could it be due to the recent increase in GST that they decided to lower the price? Or is there something missing from the album? Or is it just that there’s the word ‘Singapore’ and the logo of the Lion Head on the cover that resulted in an immediate drop in value? We decided to take it side-by-side with the $18 version and compare.

Apart from the wording ‘Special Singapore Edition’ and the Lion Head on the cover, there doesn’t seem to have any difference between the both of them. The number of tracks are the same, the manufacturer’s the same and even the fine prints are the same. So what is the difference?

Could it be that the RIAS has finally woken up their bloody idea and found out that record albums are too obscenely expensive in Singapore and they are feelin’ the heat from Chinese parallel imports that sounds just as good and retail for less than what they’re selling?

I have no idea…

Anyway, I found the album on the second floor of Heeren HMV near the cashier. Beside The Killers, there are Keane, Scissor Sisters and some others. All selling around the $12 bracket.



Did I just heard someone calling me?

Thanks to Kenny for pointing me to this video. Pretty touching, ain’t it?


Lemon + Cheesecake + Kit Kat

Just when you thought you have seen everything in a supermarket, something new and weird comes along and totally blew that notion away.

My mum came home from work the other day and bought this back:

Interesting ain’t it? A Kit Kat with not only a cheesecake flavour, there’s also lemon! Gee, I wonder how it taste like.

When you open the box, you’ll get four packets of kit kat packed like this:

Don’t think it’ll look out of place in an IKEA store with that yellow packing. Heck, it even looked like the alkaline batteries I bought at IKEA.

Anyway, unpacking it reveals a kit kat bar (duh) that looks like a white chocolate bar.

As for the taste test, the kit kat bar tasted more like white chocolate with a hint of lemon. Can’t seem to taste the cheesecake out. Either my tastebud is faulty or that its been a long time since I’ve eaten a cheesecake.


I am in acronym hell

It seems like I have died and entered acronym hell

(All events are based on true story. Any resemblance to persons living or dead are intentional)

Lecturer: As you can see, the PC is pointing to the address “00”, which is memory address of the next instruction to be executed by the CPU. The value of the PC is copied into the MAR, after which the value of the PC is increment by “02”. After the value is copied into the MAR, a ‘Read’ signal is asserted to the Memory and the value of the MAR is passed on to the Memory. The Memory will then read the data line as indicated by the MAR and transfer it into the MDR on the processor via the data bus. After which the content of the MDR is copied into the IR.

Me (thinking): What the heck is an IR?

That lecture was one of the most acronym intensive lecture I have attended so far…

What is with the society’s obsession with the usage of abbreviations and acronyms? There are acronyms everywhere… And everyone uses it and some of them don’t even know what they meant. This is especially true in the SAF (see… another acronym..) Stuff like BMTC, HHTI, SMI, PLC, BCS, etc. Sometimes you don’t even have an idea what the heck they are talking about.

Exams coming soon… Don’t know where to start revising.. Argh…