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Whats the difference between a music album with the word Singapore and the one without? Well… The difference is about $7.

Went to HMV Heeren just now with Hairol to see if Army of Anyone‘s album is out in Singapore. Instead of finding the album, we found this:

Hmmm… Special Singapore Edition… I wonder what is so special about this version of the album, apart from the price, which is about $7 less. Could it be due to the recent increase in GST that they decided to lower the price? Or is there something missing from the album? Or is it just that there’s the word ‘Singapore’ and the logo of the Lion Head on the cover that resulted in an immediate drop in value? We decided to take it side-by-side with the $18 version and compare.

Apart from the wording ‘Special Singapore Edition’ and the Lion Head on the cover, there doesn’t seem to have any difference between the both of them. The number of tracks are the same, the manufacturer’s the same and even the fine prints are the same. So what is the difference?

Could it be that the RIAS has finally woken up their bloody idea and found out that record albums are too obscenely expensive in Singapore and they are feelin’ the heat from Chinese parallel imports that sounds just as good and retail for less than what they’re selling?

I have no idea…

Anyway, I found the album on the second floor of Heeren HMV near the cashier. Beside The Killers, there are Keane, Scissor Sisters and some others. All selling around the $12 bracket.

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  1. Ahhh, Nation Pride, from now on I’ll only buy Singapore Edition. Cheap, even after the GST, and we’ll be helping the economy!

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