Open Book Exam

Took my 1st paper today, my first exam paper in over two years… Boy, what an experience… Its been a long time since I squeeze my brain juice dry in two hours. Was completely dazed for while after the exam…

The paper was an open book exam, which means you can bring anything and everything you want, short of a laptop and/or other electronic devices (Non-programmable calculator, not included). And as my CS1104 lecturer said; “In an open book exam, the notes and books you have are practically useless.” And I agree with him. Throughout the entire exam, flipping through the notes and textbook didn’t yield any important information, it did clarify some doubt. But it also messes with your brain when the questions are set in a tricky way, so you ended up unsure whether the stuff you wrote is correct or not. Managed to do all the question, less a part on MIPS assembly language… Still don’t quite understand how to implement the code. Not too confident on the exam but since I didn’t screw up on my CA, most likely I won’t fail. And I don’t think I’ll do well either…

Kee Wee

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