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Attaining Aurvana

Finally gotten my Creative Zen Aurvana earphones from Hairol yesterday, after waiting for almost a week trying to get it from him.

While I can’t attain sonic nirvana with this pair of IEM (for that, I’ll probably need a pair of $500 IEM or a $1000 pair of cans) but at $89, its better than those lower end IEMs out there. Besides, I don’t have those golden ears that audiophiles have.

Quite a good pair of phones actually, for the price that I got it for. Quite comfy, the drivers are quite small and it doesn’t ‘push’ on your ears and the fitting and isolation is good. As for the sound, its sounded quite good, except that the bass sounded abit weird… Those of you out there who are audiophiles don’t flame me or anything, haven’t got a chance to try out the Shures or the Westones or what not, so I can’t really compare it to those.


Made in Singapore

Whats the difference between a music album with the word Singapore and the one without? Well… The difference is about $7.

Went to HMV Heeren just now with Hairol to see if Army of Anyone‘s album is out in Singapore. Instead of finding the album, we found this:

Hmmm… Special Singapore Edition… I wonder what is so special about this version of the album, apart from the price, which is about $7 less. Could it be due to the recent increase in GST that they decided to lower the price? Or is there something missing from the album? Or is it just that there’s the word ‘Singapore’ and the logo of the Lion Head on the cover that resulted in an immediate drop in value? We decided to take it side-by-side with the $18 version and compare.

Apart from the wording ‘Special Singapore Edition’ and the Lion Head on the cover, there doesn’t seem to have any difference between the both of them. The number of tracks are the same, the manufacturer’s the same and even the fine prints are the same. So what is the difference?

Could it be that the RIAS has finally woken up their bloody idea and found out that record albums are too obscenely expensive in Singapore and they are feelin’ the heat from Chinese parallel imports that sounds just as good and retail for less than what they’re selling?

I have no idea…

Anyway, I found the album on the second floor of Heeren HMV near the cashier. Beside The Killers, there are Keane, Scissor Sisters and some others. All selling around the $12 bracket.


Newfound Jealousy

Went down to Esplanade and attended Shirlyn Tan’s Newfound Jealousy performance with Hairol last night. Shirlyn Tan and The UnXpected band was awesome and they totally blew the house away. They started off with a great rendition of Annie Lenox’s Why (Thanks to Hairol for the heads up) and followed by songs of their own creations. (Only could think of the song name Newfound Jealousy… Since that is the title of the concert) The performance was wonderful, they managed to get the instruments to sing together in the songs, something which you don’t experience often. The 1 hour performance flew by instantly… Must be something about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity…

Since we bought the tix quite early, there’s an early bird promo where we have a free post-show refreshment at Aria Bistro, which consisted of a free-flow non-alcoholic drink and some fingerfood.

Aria Bistro
Hairol’s ‘torchlight’ was super bright

Shirlyn came in the bar after a while and we managed to take some pics with her. Hairol’s pic, which was taken by yours truly was quite clear. As for mine… Well…

Quailty of camera-phone sucks…
Nuff said…


Where the Hell is Matt?

The latest viral video to hit the internet now is Where the Hell is Matt?

It shows the video creator, Matt Harding, going around the world dancing at iconic scene of that particular country. Thanks to the background music, Sweet Lullaby, now I'm hooked onto music by Deep Forest.

I wonder if I'm able to do what he's doing, work my ass off, save up some money, leave everything behind and go backpacking around the world.


Jose +10

Seems like Adidas has been churning out interesting advertisement lately. The latest one is the Jose +10 ad. Part of their +10 and impossible is nothing ad campaign. Very good concept where two kids get to choose their all star team. The look on their faces when Beckenbauer comes out is classic.

Another good ad is the Hello Tomorrow ad, advertising the adidas-1 shoe. A very surreal feel to the ad.


Seems like people having been coming to my blog looking for the title of the songs played in the Jose +10 ad.
The first song played during the selection is De L'alouette by RJD2 and the second song played during the match is Eanie Meany by Jim Noir.


Radio killed the music star

What's up with Jack Johnson's "Upside down" that warrant WKRZ91.3 to play it 4 times since yesterday? Frankly speaking, I'm really sick of the song. And it doesn't help with Gary's blog playing it in the background with loop… Does radio really have to ruin all the nice songs?


Exercise your music muscle

Kenny sent me this interesting wallpaper the other day from Virgin Digital. It is made up of the graphic representation of different musical band and artistes. So far I’ve made out a couple of them. Bands like Sex pistol, Gorillaz, Pet Shop Boys, Scissors Sisters, Smashing Pumpkins etc. See how many can you spot ๐Ÿ˜€


So its the hundredth time you’ve seen the wallpaper. You’ve cracked your brains out and still can’t figure out most of the answer. Well, you don’t have to pull your hair out now, here’s the answer, Virgin – Exercise Your Music Muscle – Solved.

*Update 2*

The music video to Exercise your Music Muscle. This one is harder… Only managed to spot “I shot the Sheriff” and “Hotel California”


Back to School!

Went back to SP today to collect the referee’s report from Dr Tan… So much has changed there! The walk to Dr Tan’s office was still quite the same, except for the barriers installed the entrance which I’ve saw since I was last time there and it is still not operational. It was during the walk into the deeper parts of the campus that some of the things I’ve known had changed much. First was the area where Workshop 4 (I think) used to be. When I graduated from SP, the area there was still under construction. Now the building standing there looks very slick and pleasing, as compared to the old workshop. Further in on my way to the SALC, saw a fenced-up area they constructed next to T8… Kinda reminds me of a training shed… (Well… When you’re in the army, you perceive the world differently) SALC still looks the same, except that the computers are positioned differently. Also, they’ve stop using cashcards for transactions. Instead, they’re now using ezlink cards to top-up and online account. Should have used that method long time ago, I say… A guy in SALC was kind enough to help me print the scholarship application form and personal statement, without any charge, saying that the first 20 prints are free, bless him. Went to photocopy documents at FC3 and suddenly realised that I forgot to bring my passport photo along… Damn… Luckily (or should I say unluckily…) FC5’s photolab provides instant passport photo, but $8 for 4 copys? WTF?! Went to NUS next to submit my scholarship application and found out that there’s a photo booth providing the same service for $5… Bummer…

Headed to TTSH after submitting the application for my medical appointment. I wonder what is the appointment for when I still have to wait for an hour to see the doctor… Sheesh… The doctor asked a couple of question regarding my ankle and also examined it. She said something about degenerated joint and also that the ligament may also be damaged. Gave a couple of painkillers, referred me to physio and made another appointment in April. Told me that if it doesn’t get any better, I might need to get a MRI scan.

Went down to Singapore Post Centre next to collect my package. Been waiting a long time for this package, the cds I’ve ordered from Amazon. Its cheaper to order from there as compared to HMV… Filter’s Shortbus was selling for $27 at HMV and Propellerheads’ Decksandrumsandrockandroll $47. Total, $74 instead of ~$55 from Amazon… Sometimes I really wonder if HMV is fleecing me…


RKS – Bollywood Ka Bacha

Brought RKS aka DJ Pain [Of Thought]’s album Bollywood Ka Bacha off Mperia just now. First heard RKS’ “Chandni Raaten” on Dave’s Lounge and its sounds damn good. Went to his MySpace page and sampled his tracks and they rocked. The rest is history ๐Ÿ˜›

RKS - Bollywood Ka Bacha