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Archive for April, 2006


Food! Glorious Food!

Went to Sakura at Orchard yesterday to celebrate Rain‘s birthday. A couple of us polled our money together and Christabel bought a Swatch voucher for her.

Nice international buffet served there, seems to be much better than the one I went to at Toa Payoh with my platoon guys. The dim sum there is very nice, could be due to the fact that I’ve been eating lousy lor mai kai and siew mai in my camp’s cookhouse… Had a great meal there, basically stuffing myself stupid with good food in preparation for the upcoming four-day ATEC stage 2 outfield.

Went to Acid Bar next after dinner. Got seated in the darkest part of the bar… It was so dark that all of us had a hard time reading the menu… They must had saved a lot on electricity bills… Had a great time there chatting about what had happened the past few months since we met and also Daniel’s oversea trip to Taiwan. Envy that guy… Get to go Taiwan while I got shipped off to Brunei, land of the humongous cicadas. Saw Peihao there also, with his ‘gal friend’, heh. Been a while since I saw him, told me that he’s a driver down in Sembawang Camp and that he’s thinking of continuing his poly education after army. Good for him, hopefully, he doesn’t dropout like last time.


Show me the money!

Wooo weee
Received the Progress Package today, a grand total of 900 smackaroos. After living on practically a diet of grass after getting my Oakley frames, this windfall came as a pleasant surprise. I was expecting the money to arrive next week, which means another dry spell for the weekend but Hairol messaged me early this morning to tell me that the money is in. I think he is more desperate for the money then me. Heee

The Progess Package is like a two month bonus to me, and for an NSF, that is a *lot*. I think I'm gonna save up most of them and use the remaining to get the Puma Repli Cat shoe I've been eyeing and a new pair of earbuds to replace the ones that died.


No is the saddest experience

Nope, I didn't get dumped or anything (nobody to dump me anyway…) but I've just received the outcome of my scholarship application to NUS and I've been rejected. They didn't used the word "rejected" in the letter, but it somehow had the same impact…

"Thank you for applying to the NUS Global Merit Scholarship (NUS GMS) Award. We regret we are not able to invite you to the interview of the Award."

Must have been due to my lousy ECA/CCA record… Kinda regret now by not having joined some decent ECA/CCA…

In another news, my Sony (Its a Sore-knee! Wait… I think their marketing slogan now is Someone must have told them the Sore-knee joke…) earphone/canalphone died on me on Monday… Of all days it had to die on a Monday, the first day of the week… Leaving me without any means to enjoy my iPod for the rest of the week… Quite a torture…

So does anyone have any recommendation on canalphones or ear-cans? But please don't suggest to me Shure… I don't print money you know… 


Radio killed the music star

What's up with Jack Johnson's "Upside down" that warrant WKRZ91.3 to play it 4 times since yesterday? Frankly speaking, I'm really sick of the song. And it doesn't help with Gary's blog playing it in the background with loop… Does radio really have to ruin all the nice songs?


The more people I meet…

Saw this magnet over at Westmall the other day

Found it to be quite funny and fitting in my cupboard back in bunk so I bought it and stuck it next to my poly group shot and Milo



Go Fly a Kite

Have you always wanted to get an Apple Mac because the desktop looks so cool but you don't have the dough? Well, look no further. Introducing the FlyakiteOSX, a software to change your entire desktop into something similar to the Mac OSX. Note that I said 'similar' as it does not completely emulate an OSX environment.

I've just installed it and it looks great! Still trying to get the hang of it though… It is so very different…




Just finished watching Crash, which I've loan from VideoEzy. After watching it, you can really feel that it deserves the Oscar much more than Brokeback Mountain. While Brokeback Mountain brought the taboo issue of homosexual into big screens all over the world and won Lee Ang the Best Director award, Crash shows the very real issue of racial discrimination and blurs the line between good and bad. It also shows how complete strangers and touch each other's lifes and completely change it. A very good show, two thumbs up.


V For Very Cheem

Watch V For Vendetta yesterday with Weiting and two other Mortar guys. A very nice movie except that V kept speaking in shakespearean… Which is very hard to keep up even with the chinese subtitles… The movie takes place in the dystopic future with a totalitarian regime in England very much like the Orwellian 1984 and Nazi Germany where people's life are constantly monitored, secret police prowling the streets after curfew and concentration camps. The movie's protaganist, V, modelled himself after Guy Fawkes (complete with a Guy Fawkes mask) of the Gunpowder Plot and seeks to topple the regime by igniting a popular uprising and also blowing up a couple of buildings in the process.

Went to Hooters at Clarke Quay next for booze. Not really expensive but its not cheap also… And the buffalo platter seems to be a little soggy… The only thing special is that the jugs are *big* (*nudge*nudge*wink*wink*)


Helicopter Ride

Went for my first helicopter ride on a RSAF Chinook on Wednesday. Was suppose to have my first copter ride during Ex Lancer in Brunei but due to bad weather (really bad weather…), I only sat in the UH-1H without any actual flying…

Went to Sembawang Airbase first in the afternoon for the dry run where we practice embarking, disembarking and emergency drill. Its the first time I saw a Chinook up close and boy, it sure is huge and spacious inside. The aircrew man first briefed us on the operation and safety of the aircraft, then we were divided into our 'stick' level and began practise running to and from the chopper.

After the practise, we went to Yishun training area for the actual exercise. We first had dinner before having a final safety brief and familiarisation walk before the actual thing. After which we were broken up into our 'Wave/Stick' level and moved into the holding area. It was not before long when the first wave of Chinooks came and it was spectacular. They flew directly over the holding area and you could flew the thumping and downwash from the rotors. After waiting for three waves to take their flights, it was our turn.

Waited for the chopper at the dispatch area and when it landed, we all ran towards the tail ramp and boarded the chopper. Quite a long run from the dispatch area… With potholes filled with rainwater from earlier in the day so when I got to the chopper, my legs were all wet, and it didn't help with the pilot landing the chopper with the tail ramp directly infront of a huge pothole…

The helicopter ride was one of the coolest experience on Earth. Even though the Chinook is a big chopper and its very stable but you still can feel the rumble of the rotors. The aerial view was totally spectacular. We flew from Yishun to Rakit so the route was along the northern coast of Singapore so you can see the HDB flats, Sembawang Wharf (I think) and JB.

When we landed at Rakit and had to disembark, it was like in the movies. With the dim lighting and the troops running out of the tail ramp, it was like something straight out of a war movie.