Show me the money!

Wooo weee
Received the Progress Package today, a grand total of 900 smackaroos. After living on practically a diet of grass after getting my Oakley frames, this windfall came as a pleasant surprise. I was expecting the money to arrive next week, which means another dry spell for the weekend but Hairol messaged me early this morning to tell me that the money is in. I think he is more desperate for the money then me. Heee

The Progess Package is like a two month bonus to me, and for an NSF, that is a *lot*. I think I'm gonna save up most of them and use the remaining to get the Puma Repli Cat shoe I've been eyeing and a new pair of earbuds to replace the ones that died.

Kee Wee

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  1. i desperate ah? planning to invest it in some slot machines and World Cup. u think it’s a profirable idea? :p

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