Back to School!

Went back to SP today to collect the referee’s report from Dr Tan… So much has changed there! The walk to Dr Tan’s office was still quite the same, except for the barriers installed the entrance which I’ve saw since I was last time there and it is still not operational. It was during the walk into the deeper parts of the campus that some of the things I’ve known had changed much. First was the area where Workshop 4 (I think) used to be. When I graduated from SP, the area there was still under construction. Now the building standing there looks very slick and pleasing, as compared to the old workshop. Further in on my way to the SALC, saw a fenced-up area they constructed next to T8… Kinda reminds me of a training shed… (Well… When you’re in the army, you perceive the world differently) SALC still looks the same, except that the computers are positioned differently. Also, they’ve stop using cashcards for transactions. Instead, they’re now using ezlink cards to top-up and online account. Should have used that method long time ago, I say… A guy in SALC was kind enough to help me print the scholarship application form and personal statement, without any charge, saying that the first 20 prints are free, bless him. Went to photocopy documents at FC3 and suddenly realised that I forgot to bring my passport photo along… Damn… Luckily (or should I say unluckily…) FC5’s photolab provides instant passport photo, but $8 for 4 copys? WTF?! Went to NUS next to submit my scholarship application and found out that there’s a photo booth providing the same service for $5… Bummer…

Headed to TTSH after submitting the application for my medical appointment. I wonder what is the appointment for when I still have to wait for an hour to see the doctor… Sheesh… The doctor asked a couple of question regarding my ankle and also examined it. She said something about degenerated joint and also that the ligament may also be damaged. Gave a couple of painkillers, referred me to physio and made another appointment in April. Told me that if it doesn’t get any better, I might need to get a MRI scan.

Went down to Singapore Post Centre next to collect my package. Been waiting a long time for this package, the cds I’ve ordered from Amazon. Its cheaper to order from there as compared to HMV… Filter’s Shortbus was selling for $27 at HMV and Propellerheads’ Decksandrumsandrockandroll $47. Total, $74 instead of ~$55 from Amazon… Sometimes I really wonder if HMV is fleecing me…


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