Newfound Jealousy

Went down to Esplanade and attended Shirlyn Tan’s Newfound Jealousy performance with Hairol last night. Shirlyn Tan and The UnXpected band was awesome and they totally blew the house away. They started off with a great rendition of Annie Lenox’s Why (Thanks to Hairol for the heads up) and followed by songs of their own creations. (Only could think of the song name Newfound Jealousy… Since that is the title of the concert) The performance was wonderful, they managed to get the instruments to sing together in the songs, something which you don’t experience often. The 1 hour performance flew by instantly… Must be something about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity…

Since we bought the tix quite early, there’s an early bird promo where we have a free post-show refreshment at Aria Bistro, which consisted of a free-flow non-alcoholic drink and some fingerfood.

Aria Bistro
Hairol’s ‘torchlight’ was super bright

Shirlyn came in the bar after a while and we managed to take some pics with her. Hairol’s pic, which was taken by yours truly was quite clear. As for mine… Well…

Quailty of camera-phone sucks…
Nuff said…

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  1. Sorrylah, the pic I took was damn blur. At least, the fact that Shirlyn was with you for that short moment should be enough to make you happy and satisfied rite. Hehe.

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