Went to back to camp today to do my FFI and also hunt down signatures for my clearance form.

Had an appointment for the dental FFI at 1015 but when I got there, still have to wait for almost 30mins before the dentist took my case… Wonder why one must still go through all the trouble to book and stuff like that when you still have to wait when you get there… “Is the SAF an efficient organisation?” Kinda dumb question to ask during surveys… The dental examination was real quick, just need to sit down on the chair and let the dentist inspect the teeth. Told me that both my wisdom tooth are gonna grow out soon, especially the one on the left. Hopefully it isn’t gonna hurt…

Went down straight to the medical centre to register for my medical FFI. Was told to come back at 1400 to register… WTF? Refer to the previous survey question…

Meanwhile, while waiting, went to hunt down the signatures for clearance… Manage to get all except those from S1, S2 and S3 branch… The Ops Spec went for urgent leave so we can’t get his signature… Talk cock with GuoSheng while waiting for time to pass… What a waste of time…

The medical took about 5 mins to complete… Waited 3 hours for a 5min medical checkup… (Third reference to the survey question…)

Kee Wee

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