Qualifying English Test

Took my QET yesterday at NUS. The QET consist of two sections, the first being text editing, where you spot the error, be it spelling or grammar, and correct it. For that section, I don’t think I did well… Most of the time I can’t really spot the grammatical errors (I’m really weak at grammar…) The text passage was something about global warming, climate changes and what the world is doing about it. The next section is essay writing where you have to write an essay regarding the passage in the section where you have to read first before you can start writing. The topic of the reading passage is on how Germany is moving towards renewable energy sources and the obstacles they encountered and how they overcame them. After reading the passage, you’ll have write an essay on the topic about how crucial is developing renewable energy sources in your country. Since it’s sort of an argumentative essay, I have not much problem writing it. The main problem was thinking out the points that you want to write and then write it out. Having limited time and low room temperature wasn’t really helping. I spent quite a long time thinking about the points and also how to phrase them. And by the time I put down my pen, time was almost up. I think this is the first time in over two years that I used so much brain power…

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