Feelin’ Pink

Woohoo! Finally got back my pink IC! After spending almost two years in a cold dark room in CMPB, it’s finally back in my wallet.

Went back to camp today with Desmond to finalise the disruption paperwork. Bought some curry puffs there also to treat the guys who are still stuck there. To say that 3SIR is a screwed up battalion is an understatement… A whole bunch of people are gonna disrupt today and the S3 ops spec is nowhere to be found plus the entire S2 branch is missing. How the hell are we gonna disrupt if the important people are missing? Good thing the S3 clerk and Dy S1 could stand-in for them and handle the returning of camp pass and signing of clearance form…

Took a cab down to CMPB straight away and exchange our 11Bs for our pink ICs. I could say that I’ve never been happier seeing a small pink card and for the green one… They can lose it for all I care…

My precioussss

Kee Wee

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