Final Theory Test

Went for my Final Theory Test today. Its been a long time since I took a proper test and I forgot how much I hate the pre-test feeling, where you feel jittery while waiting for the test to commence. (The BTT doesn't count… I was late and didn't go through the waiting period…) Instead of being late like the last time, I was there almost 20 mins early and waited outside the classroom worrying if I would forget anything… Gosh… I hate that feeling… Anyway, breezed through the test and only had two uncertain questions. First one being the bus lane timing. You might think that I would remember the bus lane timing forever since I flunked my HSP (Highway Situation Problem) test in the army because I can't remember the timing but I still screw it up and selected the wrong answer… Damn… The next uncertain question is the question regarding the number of demerit points that one must not have more than in order to qualify for any theoretical or practical test. Had a really weird sense of deja vu when I saw that question. Kept wondering where I saw that ruling before… It finally dawned upon me after the test that the answer is actually right behind the slip of paper indicating the test password which was sitting in front of me for the whole duration of the test… The guy who wrote the test must be laughing to himself when he created that question. "Hmmm, let see of those idiots realised that the answer is right in front of them." I think I got that question correct…

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