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Went to the Section Live Firing Course for my Combat shoot with Weiting yesterday. Was suppose to go with Support Coy on monday but because we were the ‘chosen ones’ to be attached out for ops, we tagged along with Charlie Coy for the shoot. As we were to move out with the main body at 0730, we chose to wake up slightly later than the rest of the platoon and went for breakfast on our own (its been a while since we had chicken pie and springroll for breakfast =P). Boarded the bus and headed towards NTU, didn’t sleep a wink on the bus… Must be the coffee for breakfast, funny how they don’t serve coffee/tea when you need to drive later on and when they serve only coffee/tea when you get to sleep after breakfast… Entered NTU through the Jln Bahar entrance, which is the entrance nearest to the Residential Halls. The blocks kinda looks like Army Barracks, plus its near the SAF Live Firing Area with soldiers firing live rounds and detonating demo charges… Don’t think anyone who has served NS would like to stay there. Went into the live firing course through an opening outside the NIE library with the public looking on, must be quite a sight. =P

Basically for the entire shoot, its waiting, waiting and more waiting. You get there, you wait. You finish shooting, you wait. You finish your meals, you wait. Quite a boring day, I should say, except when you are shooting live rounds, then it gets exciting. Scored perfect scores during my combat sighting and for my day shoot. But somehow during the night shoot, I crashed badly, shooting single digit score… At least on the bright side, I don’t need to reshoot the whole thing again…

Found out that the whole platoon was given off on friday by my PC… So while the rest of the platoon were booking out, we were waiting for the night shoot to commence… I’ve got a feeling that I’m getting ripped-off by my PC… Booked out only this morning after cleaning our rifles, grrr…

On our way back, Weiting accompanied me to ICA to extend my passport, now valid till 2014, woowee!

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