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What so special about valentine’s day that warrent the complete change of menu? Went to Fish & Co this evening and they only allow us to order from the ’special’ couple’s menu where we can only order set meals instead of a la carte… WTF?! So we went to Pizzahut instead and ate about $14 each as compared to a set meal of $25.90 at Fish & Co… Quite a big difference…
We headed to Acid Bar next for their Anti-Valentine’s Day promotion… Still had no idea what is it about… Think they had some promo with champagne and Bailey’s but we ended up ordering vodka with coke and vodka with 7-up for their happy hour. There was a guy playing acoustic there and I tried requesting Three Dogs Night/Filter’s “One” but he said he didn’t know the song…
I think it was more like it’s not the approriate time and place to play the song… Left the place feeling quite high and one of my buddy, Gary, was quite wasted. Hilarity ensues

Kee Wee

Kee Wee is an IT Specialist specialising in High Availability and Messaging solutions. He is a curious person who likes to build things and figure out how stuff works. This is where he share his thoughts with the world.

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  1. “Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training.” – Anna Freud

    It flashed in my mind when i looked at this blog.

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