Licence to Drive

After waiting for seven months, I’ve finally passed my driving test and got my driving licence today.

For the past few driving lessons that I’ve had, it was mostly in the circuit, to familiarise with the circuit layout and its procedures. Up till this morning’s practise before the test, I was still making some stupid mistake, stuff like failing to check blind spot and abrupt lane change still bug me… After practising for about 40 minutes in the circuit, it was time to report for the test. Went up to the TP office on the second floor to submit the test documents. Waited a while to draw lots for tester and test route. Was assigned to test route 3.

We drove around the circuit first, completing the stations before moving out for the road test. The test route is to go from BBDC to Bukit Batok road and down to CCK. Made some mistake here and there… Abrupt lane change, insufficient acceleration during move off and changing lane near traffic lights… When he told me to make a right turn back to BBDC at a junction at CCK road, I thought I had failed… Since part of the test route is to make a left turn there and perform a U-Turn.

When we got back to BBDC and back to the briefing room. The tester “debriefed” me on the test and pointed out to me the errors I’ve made. And then he said: “OK, you’ve passed. Go watch the video.”

The feeling that then was euphoric! No more driving lesson, no more worrying about making stupid mistakes during test!

Waited quite a while for the safety video to start at 1215. And after the video, the TP counter was flooded with people… Mostly from the Class 2A test. Seems like the day was waiting, waiting and more waiting… My test slot was at 11am and I didn’t leave the centre till it was 1330…

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