Anima Sana In Corpore Sano

Went to Sim Lim Square and Queensway today with Kenny to buy his HDD, RAM and also to string his tennis racket. Met up with him at Bugis MRT and went down to the SISTIC counter first to collect the tickets to Shirlyn Tan’s Newfound Jealousy. In case you are wondering, thats the Shirlyn from The UnXpected band. She’s performing her own original songs at the Esplanade on the 28th. Hairol is the guy responsible for bringing my attention to this performance and sucessfully persuaded me to go… Oh well, here goes my $27. (Suppose to be $25 but those sneaky bastards at SISTIC added another $2 booking fee per tix and a 20 cent handling fee when I have to collect it on my own… Those bloodsuckers… And don’t mention to me the stupid online ticketing system…)

Ticketing Intelligence? Yeah, right…

We walked around Sim Lim Square while Kenny looked for the Best Bargain (pun intended) to get his HDD and RAM. As its a weekday (Monday plus the night before was the World Cup finals), the place was quite empty, not like in the weekends where there were tons of people. I got myself a Sanyo Refresh Quick Charger at Alan Photo. Although I already had a battery charger, the one I got was a super slow charger… It took a whopping 12 hours to fully charge four AA batteries… They say time is money and in this case, I have to spend money to save time.

We made our way down to Queensway next to string Kenny’s racket. Same as SLS, the place was not as crowded as in the weekends due to the weekday and World Cup effect. In fact, a shop owner told me that some of his workers didn’t turn up for work at all after watching the World Cup. Interesting, the shop that Kenny went to string his racket had a ‘waiting list’ even though it’s operating at 33.3% and there isn’t much customer around… Kenny recommended me the ASIC DS Trainer when I was looking around for my running shoes. Its very light and feels comfy when worn. There’s a 25% discount on ASIC shoes in the GSS period so after discount the shoe cost $156. Seems like I’ve been spending quite a lot on shoes lately… I think I’m going broke soon…

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