Treasure Hunting

Didn't exactly dig up gold, but found a couple of good stuff over the past two days.

Met up with Hairol yesterday and went to Heeren for dinner. Was basically bored stiff at home so jio-ed him out. Didn't planned on getting anything until I saw what was on HMV's Mega Movie and Music Sale. It wasn't really that attractive until we through the sub-$10 section. That section was full of treasures! Stuff that I've always wanted to buy but HMV had been charging obscenely for them. Seems like HMV was trying to clear the stock. I only saw the cds accidentally they were the only copy left except for Dirty Vegas. CDs that I've bought: The Chemical Brothers' Surrender and Come With Us, Dirty Vegas' One and Voodoo Child's Baby Monkey. All four of them for less than forty dollars, what a steal 😀

As for today, went shopping at IKEA and queensway with Kenny, Weiting and Wenjun. Was intending to buy the Repli Cat at queensway but I couldn't find the colour that I like. Guess I'll go to the Puma Boutique at Marina Square to get them. Couldn't get the shoe I wanted but found something else interesting.

Printed on the tee: "Legalize [image of a pack of chewing gum]. Chewing Gum Movement. You Got Your Casino. I Want My Chewing Gum."

What a way to make a statement. If chewing gum is still not legalised by the next GE, I think I'll wear it to the polling station. (Provided my constituency is not a walkover again…)

Kee Wee

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  1. u wear that T-shirt? I’ll guess they’ll start digging their statutes and look for offences they can charge you with, maybe promoting public disorder, or some obscure law so that you can’t run for election…..

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