Green Light, Red Light

Seems like I offended the Traffic Light God today… Went for my Basic Theory Test today and was running a little late, not very late but time will be a little tight. To my horror, almost all of the traffic lights that I encountered turned red just before my bus reached it. At first, it felt quite normal to me to encounter some red light but after a while, it seems like all the traffic lights along Jurong West/East Ave 1 are conspiring to turn red when I approach them… After exiting Ave 1, I figured out that I still might be able to make it if the lights are back to their "randomness" but no… I was wrong… The "Red Light Phenomenon" continued throughout the Bukit Batok area and by the time I realised I'm absolutely screwed by the lights, its was too late… I'm already at Bukit Batok Ave 5… Too near and too late to catch a cab. And it does not end there… A final bombshell dropped outside the HomeTeamNS club… Seems like Swiss Cottage Sec is having a half day off… When the bus stopped outside the club, a flood of students entered the bus… By then, I felt like going insane and start killing people but the sane side of me prevail… I resigned to my fate and hope that I am still able to take the test… Good thing the tester allowed me to take the test…

Finished the test in less than 15 mins. Last to go in, third to come out. Got an uncertain question, the age for child restrain. (below the age of 8… Got it wrong…) Didn't learn that in SAF Driving Centre, we don't have toddlers as vehicle commanders. (Although some of them have the mentality of toddlers, they're legally above the age of 8) Went straight to apply for my PDL. The counter was super slow… I think I queued for over 15 mins… It took me longer to queue then to take the test… Bummer…

Booked my advanced for next Friday. Pretty fast I should say, considering that I waited for almost two months for my basic…


Kee Wee

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