Owner of a lonely heart

Haiz… Its that time of the year… A special day with that special someone… As for me… I’m stuck in camp, doing area cleaning while those with dates get day off… As if fate is conspiring against us, S3 is conducting a standby tomorrow… So we, the unattached, have to do a thorough area cleaning with reduced manpower…
And to complicate the problem, the painters are painting our bunks, so they had to move the bed, and when they removed one of the bed, surprise surprise! Its in a total mess… So now, they’ve ‘cordoned’ off the area with white tape and the owners of the mess have to cut short their valentine’s day off to come back to pack up… Its about time they sort out their area…

Kee Wee

Kee Wee is an IT Specialist specialising in High Availability and Messaging solutions. He is a curious person who likes to build things and figure out how stuff works. This is where he share his thoughts with the world.

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