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Archive for September, 2007


Two down… Many more to go

Sort of finished two assignments for term break (gosh… amazing how time goes by so quickly), the XML-RPC one for my CS3103 and report 2 for my CS2103.

The XML-RPC assignment was the first serious coding for this semester… I coded a web service, a server and a client for that assignment. Sounds ‘chim’ right? Actually it’s not. The ‘server’ is actually some codes to open a port and to publish the web service. The client just take some simple value(s), pass it to the server and display the replies. The hard part was the web service, where most of the logic lies. Took me about two days of coding to get it done. Sheesh…

Did most of the work for CS2103 today. Drew up most of the required diagram and we just need to tie up some loose ends before it’s due next Saturday.

Gotta start studying for my mid terms…


On Holiday

1.temporary withdrawal or cessation from the usual work or activity.
2.a period of such withdrawal.

Or so they say…

It’s now the Term Break, or Recess Week. By definition, it should be a period when one gets to relax a little and do some stuff that you are too busy to do during teaching weeks. But in contrast, you are suppose to take this time to catch up on your school work, study for your mid-terms, finish up on your assignments…

Oh, the lies that they have fed us…


No pets and no students allowed

Saw this sign outside the level 1 pantry at COM1 today

No Pets and No Students

This sign kinda reminds me of a scene in Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury.

No dogs or Chinese Allowed

And to think that we paid school fees for this…