She sells cheese pies

Went to Wala Wala last night with Hairol with the intention of getting shitfaced after I got my exam results but instead, we got stuff to the max with pizzas…
Ahhh… Finally a DBS credit card that is not useless. Apparently, DBS and/or AMEX has a promotion with some bars (Wala included) for 1-for-1 on beers, housepours (including soda mixers), pizzas and pastas. Schweet!
So we ordered a Seafood Mariana pizza and a Garlic Chicken pizza. and instead of getting high on alcohol, we almost got sick from all those pizzas.

And did I mentioned that The Unxpected were playing yesterday?
They started off with Keane’s “Everybody’s Changing” and they were awesom, right from the begining. They played a couple of covers and also some of their own songs. And all I could say is that they sound great live. On the second set, they got a birthday boy up to the stage and attempted to get him drunk and recite the “She sells seashells…” tonguetwister. They also introduced a permutation of the tonguetwiste: “She sells cheese pies at the cheese store”. What tonguetwister will you get? Its up to your own imagination.

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