On Government Service

If Singapore was still a crown colony, it would be On Her Majesty’s Service, which sounds nicer… But I digress…

Anyway, gotta re-enlist tomorrow… Going back to 3 SIR (Silent and Effective!) to serve out the remaining of my NS liability. Heard from Guo Wei that it’ll be stay-in and that I’ll be posted to S2 branch. To do what you ask. I’m thinking I’ll be there pushing papers, but then again, I might be wrong and they might get me to go chiong sua… To milk me for all I’m worth… (In the sense of paying me combat allowance…)

And because over a year ago, some idiots posted some videos and pictures of army camps taken from their cameraphones on the internet. The SAF, or more specifically, the MSD (I think), decided to come down hard on cameraphones… And I, on the hand, have hunt for a non-camera phone to book-in into camp… Bummer… Bought a Motorola W220 today, after searching high and low to borrow from friends and relatives…

Quite a nice phone, simple and no frills. Very loud, and I do mean very, ringtone also. Still can’t quite get used to the small screen though… Since all my previous phones have quite a big screen… Well… High resolution to be precise.

Kee Wee

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