Burn baby, burn

A couple of stuff got burned today. Firstly, its my saturday… It was taken up by the battalion field live firing which I was involved in firing the GPMG. Went to Kidney Hill at SAFTI Live Firing Area this morning to shoot the GPMG. As usual with SAF doctrine, we were told that the bus will be moving off at 0630 and we were to fall in by 0600. Ended up we didn’t leave camp until 0700… Talk about “Rush to wait, wait to rush”… Fired at total of 250 rounds at one go. Felt quite shiok, its not everyday that you get to fire live rounds and its not at every live shoot that you get to fire 250 rounds at one go. Burned my finger next while trying to remove the MG from the tripod mount… Although any idiot would know that the MG would be fricking hot after shooting off 500 rounds but I had to depress the handle catch to straighten up the handle and remove the MG properly… So… OUCH! The next thing that got burned was E-Shaped Knoll at SAFTI LFA, the ‘butt area’ of our live shoot. When I left the holding area at Kidney there was only a small flame and some smoke on the knoll due to the tracer rounds igniting the dry grass but when I got down of Kidney hill about an hour later after lunch, practically the whole knoll was on fire. Quite spectacular I must say. For the last time I went there, only a small part of knoll caught fire and when I get to see it, the fire had been put out and left with only a small burnt patch. This time, the fire was still raging when I left the area.

The Roof is on Fire

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