Attack of the O RLY? owls

Was searching for the O RLY? owl when I came across this pics at O RLY OWLS. Pretty funny. (Yes, I do have *that* much time)

O Rly?

Ya Rly

No Wai!

*Update* The old link went down… Here’s another site http://www.orlyowl.com/

PS: Sorry for the missing pictures… I forgot to relink when my webhost went down… Now its up! Hosted by wordpress

Kee Wee

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  1. I ve seen them with my “time” also. They ‘re pretty cool :D.


    P.S. oh and don’t send me spam!

  2. It’s getting hits because people are searching for pics of the O RLY owls and the first NO WAI!!! pic on a google images search is the pic from this site.

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