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Cape Verde

Just got back from a business trip to Cape Verde. In case you are wondering, Cape Verde is a group of islands off the coast of Senegal in West Africa.

Boy, it is a beautiful country! Totally not what I was expecting, after the trip to Tanzania in the middle of the year. The only bad thing is that it is just too damn far from Singapore… It took me some 40 hours to get to their capital, Praia and another 30 hours to get back to Singapore from Praia. The reason for the the extra 10 hours to get there? I had to layover for almost 12 hours on another island, Sal, as there wasn’t a direct flight that day… So yup, I slept like a hobo in the airport.

A pretty uneventful biz trip, just some minor hiccups here and there, no biggie. This is the type of biz trip I prefer, not much surprises and things going to plan. Would like to have some free time to go explore around though. But you can’t have everything 😉



I’ve quit my job at NCS and my last day was last Thursday.

Will be joining another company on Tuesday, Azimuth Labs, as an IT Specialist.

Hope everything would go well. =)


Work Work

Hmmm… Almost 6 months since I last wrote anything here…  Seems just like yesterday…

Quite a lot has happened since the last time I posted here. Graduated, found a job, got my first pay check. Well.. Ok.. Not so yesterday…

Anyway, now I’m working as a Database Administrator for NCS Pte Ltd, attached to the Ministry of Education site office. It’s on a contract term with limited benefits. But with this economic climate, I should feel lucky to find a job. A job that pays quite well.

Since now I no longer have anymore academic commitments (it’s a wonder how school work can take up so much of your time…), I should be able update this blog more often. (Yea, yea… I know, I know… I’ve said this a couple of times before…)