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TreeTop Walk


Been a while since I posted something eh. Well, in my defense, I’ve been kinda busy with work, it’s been 5 months since I’ve join this company, and boy, have I been learning lots of new stuff!

Anyway, this post is not about work.

Last Saturday, me and the fine folks at Mensa went for a little trek at MacRitchie Reservoir up to the HSBC TreeTop Walk suspension bridge. It was wonderful! Except for the heavy downpour in the morning at the beginning of the trek… But that didn’t hinder us, we carried on after the rain has subsided.

The view at the suspension bridge was great!



More photos can be found on my flickr photostream

I should do this more often! ^^


Body and Soul

Oh, and before I forget, got a video I’d like to share…

Bought a Swatch Body and Soul watch a few days back and thought it would be interesting to do a timelapse to see some of the gears move. So, enjoy!

Technical Mumbo-jumbo: Shot using my Canon S2IS camera with the Canon Remote Capture software to perform the intervalometer function. Shot on manual setting, F4.0 @ 1/60. Interval between frames is 5 seconds (12fps). Compiled using Image2AVI

*PS: Yes, that me walking around in some of the frames… I had to check to make sure the batteries in the camera didn’t die in the middle of the shoot.



What do you do when you’re feeling down, burnt out, stressed out?
Play games? Jog? Or sit around wondering why life sucks?

I, for one, decided to go take photos. It really helps to put everything to the back of my mind. Instead of thinking of how everything is f***ed up, I’m thinking of how to compose the shots.

I’m uploading the pictures up to Flickr, they should be all up by these few days.


Stickman Band



Rendy’s photograph got selected and was showcased in the Photographic Society’s exhibition. Kinda cool to see your work up there even though the ownership of the photo is kinda complicated…
Anyway, I believe a lunch treat is in order. 😛

But its interesting to know that the image fits into the ‘minimal digital manipulation’ category since the rules and regulations states that:

Minimal digital manipulation (e.g. colour enhancement, cropping) is allowed. However, adding or removing key elements of the composition is strongly discouraged and may not be accepted for judging.

Considering that I removed a heck lot of colour element in the picture.


Bored Stiff

What happens when you have 4 hours to burn and absolutely nothing to do?

Well… This is what I did on Monday, when I had a break from 10am to 2pm.

I turned this…

Into this…

And now, I’m having another 4-hour break. In addition to being bored stiff, I’m currently also bored stupid… To make things worst, I forgot to bring out my earphones, but I brought my iPod… Dang…

Now that I’ve done blogging about this, I need to go find something else to do… Bummer…


Drawing with Light

Went out to Telok Ayer street on Saturday to take some photos for my Singapore Studies contest. The title of the contest was “Changing Landscape of Globalisation: Good or Bad?”. An idea hit me to take a photo in the CBD area, consisting of shophouses as the foreground and the towering skyscapers as the backdrop.

So I got down to the Chinatown area to recce for a good shot. Took the MRT to Raffles Place and then I started walking around the area and towards Telok Ayer street.

Was walking along Amoy Street when I realised it could be a great place to shoot the picture I’ve had wanted. Walked further down the street before I took this photo:

Met up with Hairol after exploring the area for a while and took some photos while exploring.

Since Hairol wanted to get some stuff for Hari Raya, we walked down from Telok Ayer to Marina Square. (Yes! Walked)
The haze has created some interesting lighting properties, so while walking towards Marina Square, I took some photos along the way with some great effects. The photos can be found on the Flickr link on the sidebar.

Got my hands on a Sony alpha dSLR at the Sony Gallery at Wisma Atria. The feeling of the shutter releasing was wonderful. Very tempted to get a dSLR. Anyone willing to give me a Canon EOS 400D. (350D also can)

The short essay I wrote with the photo I’ve taken. Thanks to Hairol, Christabel and Jun Kwang for their invaluable feedback.