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Hair Cut

Nope, I didn’t get another hair cut. Besides, getting a haircut is no big deal for me. Instead, today we sent Bibi for his haircut before Chinese New Year.

He went from shaggy dog…

To this look which I’m not used to yet… (Or what my mum would call the Handsome Boy look)


Family Dinner

The last time my dad and his family came over to my house, I was recalled back to camp ’cause some idiot at SISPEC lost his rifle and we had to be activated to search for it. So my mum decided to have a ‘make-up’ dinner today so we can eat together as a family. The dinner is also sort of a birthday party for Febuary babies; which is my mum and my brother.

Febuary Birthday

We had steamboat (an all-time favorite!) and there was too much food… My mum was worried that there isn’t enough food, so she brought more prawns when she got back from work. Ended up we have too much prawns and many other food… Guess my lunch and dinner tomorrow will be instant noodles with the surplus ingredients…

Family Portrait