Tooth Fairy

Got my wisdom teeth plucked out yesterday at NUH and well… It was one of the few agonising moments of my life… Not that the procedure is painful (well… the anaesthesia shots were damn painful though…) but with the drilling and manhandling of my teeth, the feeling was sure weird.

The denist first shot up my gums with anaesthesia, think he went through like 3 tubes of those stuff, then the nurse wrapped my upper body with some cloths, to keep the work area sterile and protect my eyes from the glare.

The denist started off with some scrapping in my mouth (I think…), then he moved on to the drilling of my lower wisdom tooth. It was like a construction site in there, with the drilling first and the extraction with what seems like a pair of pilers.

Anyway, here’s whats left of the lower wisdom tooth, the ones at the side, and the upper one which is the whole.

I wonder how much the tooth fairy is willing to trade for these =P

Kee Wee

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