National Pastime

Ahhh… The Singapore National Pastime, queuing for something or everything.

Went to look for Hairol at Raffles City, who was queuing for Donut Factory since 3+, at 5pm. Man, that guy has patience… According to him, the queue has barely moved 5 metres since he started queuing till I met up with him. And throughout the time I was queuing with him, the queue was just inching every now and then… It took another 2+ hours before we managed to get to the counter to order the donuts. I got a box of 6 and he got a box of 12. Hairol spent 4+ hours queuing and I spent 2, the reduction courtesy of Hairol. =P

We, as a nation, sure knows how to queue…

From top left; Hazelnut Milk Chocolate, Orange White Chocolate, Double Chocolate Filling, Blueberry Glazed (or whats left of it…), Peanut Butter Glazed, Peanut Dark Chocolate.

Kee Wee

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