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Archive for January, 2007


New Phone!

Wooo, finally got myself a new phone!

Went down to Vivocity with Kenny and Weiting today for a little meetup and decided to get myself new phone at the Starhub shop there. Got myself this phone:

A Samsung D900. Quite a slick phone. Still trying to figure out the bells and whistles though… Too tired now… Must be the cough syrup.

Photo taken using the D900 camera



Who said Singaporeans are not a creative bunch?
We may be copycats but we sure are creative.


Singapore’s Hokkien Version:

Thanks to mindwhack over at SPUG for the link



Rendy’s photograph got selected and was showcased in the Photographic Society’s exhibition. Kinda cool to see your work up there even though the ownership of the photo is kinda complicated…
Anyway, I believe a lunch treat is in order. ๐Ÿ˜›

But its interesting to know that the image fits into the ‘minimal digital manipulation’ category since the rules and regulations states that:

Minimal digital manipulation (e.g. colour enhancement, cropping) is allowed. However, adding or removing key elements of the composition is strongly discouraged and may not be accepted for judging.

Considering that I removed a heck lot of colour element in the picture.


Bored Stiff

What happens when you have 4 hours to burn and absolutely nothing to do?

Well… This is what I did on Monday, when I had a break from 10am to 2pm.

I turned this…

Into this…

And now, I’m having another 4-hour break. In addition to being bored stiff, I’m currently also bored stupid… To make things worst, I forgot to bring out my earphones, but I brought my iPod… Dang…

Now that I’ve done blogging about this, I need to go find something else to do… Bummer…


Needle and Catheter

Went for my third blood donation today with Wai Xin at NUH. This is what you do when you don’t have money and is too lazy to do anything volunteer work. You donate blood to gain some good karma. (Yes, I believe in those stuff. What goes around, comes around.)

Been wanting to donate blood for a long time. But I didn’t really get about doing till late 2005, when my grandma was hospitalised. That time, she was hospitalised due to complications arising from her kidney failure and almost a decade worth of dialysis. She was hemorrhaging internally and required a lot of blood transfusion. I was thinking that without those people donating blood, my grandma would definitely be suffering badly and I may not even get to see her one last time. (was in the army then, weekdays were spent in camp) So one fine day before visiting her at the hospital (she was warded at SGH), I went down to HSA to “repay” them and contribute my part (literally :P) to the society. Been wanting to donate since then but being in the army, you tend to get infected with stuff that otherwise you would have never heard of, I couldn’t donate. That is until NUS organised a blood drive last October and I got a friend to go with me. And today that friend’s vein was feeling abit itchy so it was his turn to ask along to donate blood. Seems like the blood donation centre at NUH isn’t as big as the one at HSA. Maybe its due to the fact that not much people go to NUH to donate blood. Anyway, looking forward for my next donation. ๐Ÿ˜€

And Happy New Year everyone!