Wayang to the core

On today’s Channel News Asia
Real-time arrival info for buses ferrying IMF/World Bank delegates

So the world is coming to Singapore and suddenly our transportation system became a world-class transportation system (hereby known as WCTS) with “Real-time arrival info” to track buses down to the very second. And also, the bus timings will be adjusted accordingly to demands with intervals of between 10, 20 and 30mins.
Wow, all this to show that Singapore has a WCTS when in fact, I have to wait 15mins for my bus during peak hour, wondering where the hell is the bus and at the same time swearing and cursing at that guy who planned the timetable.

Come on, all this for people who will be taking the bus for free? What about the fare-paying commuters like us? They get a WCTS while we hang around wondering where our buses went?

I kinda remember an article about increasing the MRT train frequency during the meetings, but I can’t seem to locate it…

And speaking of IMF wayang…
Free Wi-Fi at shopping malls around Suntec City

And they say this “Wi-Fi Trial” wasn’t implemented just for the IMF meetings.
It wants to use the promotion as a pilot test before rolling it out to the whole of Singapore in January.”
The InfoComm Development Authority has set up the service to coincide with the IMF-World Bank meetings.”

Yeah, right… I don’t think a month’s trial will help ironing out the kinks and get accurate user feedbacks. And how convenient, the trial is gonna end at the end of September.

You might say that all this is important for the good image of Singapore, but hey, having the trains and buses arrive on time should be there in the first place, not during some international event when people from all over the world decent on our little island.

Kee Wee

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  1. Suddenly I see trees everywhere, even palm trees in which i remembered they chopped it off due to aedes.

    The horrible MRT construction along Nicoll Highway near Suntec and Temasek Boulevard, that always causes massive jams, suddenly cleared and traffic flowing smoothly now. Thot it’s permanent, but guess what, the construction will return.

    The sudden but short-lived transformation. It’s like playing Sim City, u can add trees and more subway lines overnite, then decide to bulldoze it off the next day.

    One thing never change though, the police’s stand on protestors.

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