The Great Escape

CST – Combat Survival Training, the most dreaded course in our Scout Platoon has resurfaced again… And this time, its confirmed and scheduled from the 3rd of July to the 7th…

According to those who’ve went through the course, it involves killing of live animals for food, navigation and POW training.

As for the schedule, it goes somewhat like this:
On the first day, we’ll book-in into Tekong and stay at Eastern Pier for the night feeding mosquitoes. Since they didn’t say anything about not allowing civvie food for that evening, I think i’ll bring some canned food over. The next day will be the start of the navigation exercise. You might be thinking: “Hell, you’re a recce trooper, navigation will be a piece of cake for you.” But you haven’t got the whole story yet, its a navex with MP tracking dog hot on your heels. Hows that for working under pressure…

Next on the list, whether you’re caught by the MP or not, will be the POW training. The infamous training which cost the life a commando and the careers of a couple of regulars. Only this time, they omitted the dunking. (How thoughtful of them…) They’ll sort of torture you (I view temptation with food when one’s hungry as torture) and interrogate you into giving up information. Should you not able to withstand the interrogate give up the information, you’ll have to go through the whole shit again…

Up next will be the jungle survival training, something like JCC’s Ex Chill Hermit but not as siong. We’ll be required to build an A-Frame out in the jungle and live alone, although our assigned sites be quite close to each other. Basically, we’ll have to “live off the land” by getting food and preparing shelter using anything we can find. And the grand finale of the course will be *drumroll* the killing and preparing of live animals for food. Yes, we’ll be learning how to kill animals with our bare hands and prepare them using any tools we have. We will be killing eels and frogs and there might even be quails and rabbits. I gonna spare the details on how to kill them… I have no idea how am I gonna do it but I think when the hunger comes, anything goes.

And did I mention that we’ll not be getting any cookhouse food (except for a cup of Milo and some bread) but only ‘fresh’ ration at the end of the course?

If you’re looking for my experience during my CST,  read this post.

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  1. When I thot I’m going through shit and it starts to affect me mentally, I guess I have to be reminded of wat u have to go through. Take care. :p

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