Let the games begin!

The World Cup officially began on Saturday with the kickoff between Germany and Costa Rica. Managed to stay up and watch the match but I could only last till half time before I get knocked out cold… Had to wake up early for combat shoot, so didn't really wanted to stay up and watch the entire game. Handling live rounds the next day you know 😛

Had to go for my combat shoot the third time… Had to complete two combat shoots during my NS term and the first one was void due to the IPETS malfunctioning… At least the for the next two shoots, they were conducted by the rifle coys. Who were much more efficient then our support coy… Was really demoralised yesterday at the live firing area 'cause its a saturday and instead of sleeping at home, I was at the SAFTI live firing area feeding mosquitoes… Rained a little yesterday but thank God it was only a little drizzle (as compare to the downpour the previous day…) and we managed to complete the shoot with a little hiccup (the IPETS screwed up again… but they managed to fix it). Got bitten like crazy by the mosquitoes… Got bumps all over my body including my ass-crack… How the hell they got up there, I have no idea. The bumps are still itching now…

Anyway, reached back camp at around midnight and had to clean my rifle… The carbon deposits are bloody hard to remove… One can go crazy cleaning the rifle after shooting both live rounds and blanks with carbon accumulating at every nook and cranny. Ordered McDonald's for supper and due to some miscommunication, the delivery guy ended up waiting at the gate for some 15 to 20 mins. Poor guy. Finished everything at around 3am and since it was too late to sleep (no point sleeping for 2 hours… had to wake up at 5 plus) and too early to do anything else, me and another two of my bunkmates went to watch the match between Argentina and Ivory Coast. A very exciting match with Ivory Coast putting immense pressure on the Argentines. The match ended with 2-1 and although they lost, the Ivory Coast team played beautifully.

Feelin' pretty screwed up now since I've only slept like 4 hours for the past 30+ hours. 

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