Killing for a living

So I’ve just went for the CAI (Computer Aided Instruction) for my CST (Combat Survival Training) at PLC (Pasir Laba Camp). (What’s with SAF and abbreviation?)

Basically for CAI, its just sitting in front of a computer and going thru lessons in the computer. For the CST course, the lessons are basic survival skills. Stuff like what to do and what not to do. Now, the highlight and the most interesting part of this CAI is the Skinning segment where they show videos of actual skinning. In the video demostration, they demostrated how to kill the animals and skin them. Pretty gruesome I must say. You either twist their head off or just simply wack them on their head… Afterwhich you’ll have to gut them and remove the gall bladder. Pretty gruesome I must say. Most of them time I’m wondering, why don’t they just spare the animals the misery and just decapitate them instead of breaking their skull… Could be that in a survival situation, you may not have the correct tools… Well… I don’t know…

And the actual skinning is gonna take place on Friday… I wonder how am I gonna do it…

Kee Wee

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