IDed by an iPod

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iPod Identifies the Unconscious

Apple saves the day yet again when some poor girl was hit, rendered unconscious, and thrown from the road. How did the authorities identify her? Her iPod of course!

Various San Francisco-based news outlets reported this week that police identified an unconscious jogger, who was an apparent hit-run-victim, by contacting Apple Computer and getting information from the iPod she was carrying.

Thankfully, they had her info in there and they were able to identify her. Let’s hope Apple will implement the “Get up and whoop the ass of the person who just hit me” feature in the next update.

Seems like other than being a cool MP3 player, it has some other uses too.

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  1. I didn’t buy my iPod with that purpose in mind. I carry ,my ID along. Unless, one day, ICA came up with an idea of an integrated ID and passport inside an MP3 player.

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