Enjoy the run

The battalion conducted a 10KM run at ECP today so we booked out from camp at around 2pm and headed to ECP.

It started off pretty normal, with the usual waiting and safety brief and such. Quite shagged out from the 10KM run actually, since the last time I ran anything more than 10KM is eons ago…  My knees felt quite sore a few times during the run but other than that, everything is quite normal. Finished the run in around 65-70mins I believe. Not bad for someone who really sucked at running.

After the run, dark clouds started to form. Anyone with a hint of common sense will know that it is going to rain soon and they should release us. However, our CO decided that it is the best time to talk to the battalion and he went on to rant on how we should tuck in our singlet when we run and how we should not stop to walk during the run… Anyone who have seem the running attire would agree that the singlet looks better when you tuck it out and I suspect that it is supposed to be tucked out… And for the walking thing, imagine this, you just cross the half way mark and your knees are feeling painful, do you: A) Stop to walk and let your knee to recover or B) Continue running back to the end point… Next, he went on to regroup us and do the “Silent and Effective” bullshit… By the time the whole thing ended, it had started to rain and when I got to the shelter, it started pouring bucket loads of rain… Fearing that the rain might not stop soon, my buddies decided to walk in the rain to the East Coast Lagoon Food Centre. When we got there, we were all drenched… Silent and effective my ass…

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