Apple and Orange

In a letter to ST's Life!Mailbag today, a Mr Jonathan Boon wrote that rising diesel prices is not an excuse for the sneaky tactic of waiting for booking during peak hours and quote "consumer shouldn't pay for the driver's inability to negotiate with the taxi company for lower rental" unquote. Then he went on to compare how the fuel prices are up but bus fares are not raised… Hellooo. Not happy right? Take bus la, or even better, drive your own car and let me take the taxi that you've snatched from me… From what I heard during taxi trips, taxi driving is a cut-throat business. While that does not justify the the sneaky tactics employed but hey, its a fact of life and some people will do that… And don't compare bus fare with cab fare… You want comfort, you pay premium… Don't compare apples with oranges… Now I bet the members of PTC are thinking: "Hmmm… I think its time for another fare hike, since the fuel prices are up." And next year the bus companies will post another record profit…

Kee Wee

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  1. Tell him not happy take buslah. I think cab drivers are already the most stressed people i the world. Everyone seems to have something to complain against cab drivers. For once, spare those driverslah. Don’t add more misery to their live, asking them to become unionist by asking them to “negotiate with the taxi company for lower rental”. Bread and butter issue you know. If the company not happy, they’ll just say “you not happy don’t drivelah”.
    Btw, correct me if I’m wrong, cab run on diesel meh? Not petrol ah?

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