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Archive for September, 2011


Apparently, they never think also


Hello World!

Ah, it is finally up!

My new blog is more or less done. Finished migrating the post from my old blog and from now on, I’ll be blogging here. Cool!


WordPress Upload Problem

I’ve finished setting up the LNMP stack on my VPS, and got WordPress running on it.

I will be sharing the steps I’ve done to setup the LNMP stack on a later date, but first, I’d like share an issue I’ve encountered after getting WordPress up and running.

After running the install.php script and doing up the settings of my WordPress site, I tried to upload a free theme pack from WooThemes. (Typebased, if you are wondering which one)

The first problem I hit was the server giving me a “Connection Reset” everytime I tried to upload the theme. In the Nginx error log, this was recorded:

2011/09/24 07:34:58 [error] 30097#0: *70 client intended to send too large body: 2617076 bytes, client:, server:, request: "POST /wp-admin/update.php?action=upload-theme HTTP/1.1", host: "", referrer: ""

The “client intended to send too large body” tells us that Nginx was rejecting the theme zip file as it was too big (it’s 2.49MB in size). A check on the Nginx Wiki shows that the default maximum size accepted by Nginx is 1MB, and Nginx resets the connection whenever a browser tries to send or request a file greater than 1MB. So we’ll have to update the nginx.conf file with the “client_max_body_size” directive to get Nginx to send and receive a bigger file. I’ve changed mine to a value of 3MB and you may adjust yours accordingly. Note that the directive is placed in the “http” section.

http {
client_max_body_size 3M;

I tried to upload the theme file again, and this time the file was accepted by Nginx without a problem. However, WordPress threw an error, “The uploaded file could not be move to …/wp-content/uploads.” Not a very intuitive error, seems like it is a permission issue with WordPress trying to write to the uploads directory… The logs weren’t showing any error and a Google search resulted in quite a few people having the same problem.

Most of the resolution are to do with setting the correct permission for the uploads directory. A check with my uploads directory shows that the permissions are correct  and I even tried to give full 777 permission to the directory! But error still persist… It took me quite a while, trying to figure out what’s wrong and then it suddenly hit me! It could be related to the Nginx size error, but at the PHP layer. A quick Google shows that PHP has a “upload_max_filesize” and “post_max_size” directive, so I updated my php.ini to include the two directives:

upload_max_filesize = 3M
post_max_size = 3M

Bingo!  The theme file went through and was installed in WordPress.


VPS – Setting up

I've logged in to my VPS and started setting it up.

Basically, the VPS has the following specs:

  • BuyVM-256MB
  • 256MB RAM (Burstable to 512MB)
  • 2 Core CPU
  • 30GB of HDD
  • 1000GB of data transfer
  • 1 US based IP

The VPS was first setup with BuyVM’s Centos 6 template (selected during the VPS ordering page). However, the memory usage  seems to be a little bit on the high side, roughly 30mb idling after I cleaned up the unnecessary services and unused packages. No good… Still too much memory for running nothing…

So the next thing I tried was to reinstall to their “centos-5-i386-minimal”. After reinstalling, I can’t even ssh or console into the VPS… Resintalled again, still the same… Seems like that template is broken… No go.

Reinstalled to “CentOS 5 32bit”, the idling memory shows ~14mb.
Sweet! We are good to go! More…


Virtual Private Server

Finally got my VPS!
Some stock from  opened up today (yesterday for you American folks) and as usual, the ultra-lowend plan ($15/yr) was snapped up way before I knew about it…
Instead, I signed up for the $3.50/mth plan and it just got provisioned a few hours ago.

Now I gonna start cleaning up my VPS and setup the LNMP stack and Postfix mail server I have in mind.
Will update my progress here. 🙂