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Archive for February, 2007


Scrubbed Exhaust

The Faculty of Engineering in NUS is quite an interesting place… Not only can you get lost in that area, you get to see some interesting things also.
For example, this is what I saw at E4A today before my EG1108 lab…

I think by now, you should know what I’m gonna show next. This was taken next to the pipe on the right…

Can you imagine the maintanence guys talking about it?
Guy1: Hey, I think SEX over at E4A needs cleaning. Its getting real dirty.
Guy2: Yeah, I think so too.


Attaining Aurvana

Finally gotten my Creative Zen Aurvana earphones from Hairol yesterday, after waiting for almost a week trying to get it from him.

While I can’t attain sonic nirvana with this pair of IEM (for that, I’ll probably need a pair of $500 IEM or a $1000 pair of cans) but at $89, its better than those lower end IEMs out there. Besides, I don’t have those golden ears that audiophiles have.

Quite a good pair of phones actually, for the price that I got it for. Quite comfy, the drivers are quite small and it doesn’t ‘push’ on your ears and the fitting and isolation is good. As for the sound, its sounded quite good, except that the bass sounded abit weird… Those of you out there who are audiophiles don’t flame me or anything, haven’t got a chance to try out the Shures or the Westones or what not, so I can’t really compare it to those.


Hair Cut

Nope, I didn’t get another hair cut. Besides, getting a haircut is no big deal for me. Instead, today we sent Bibi for his haircut before Chinese New Year.

He went from shaggy dog…

To this look which I’m not used to yet… (Or what my mum would call the Handsome Boy look)