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Archive for October, 2006


Drawing with Light

Went out to Telok Ayer street on Saturday to take some photos for my Singapore Studies contest. The title of the contest was “Changing Landscape of Globalisation: Good or Bad?”. An idea hit me to take a photo in the CBD area, consisting of shophouses as the foreground and the towering skyscapers as the backdrop.

So I got down to the Chinatown area to recce for a good shot. Took the MRT to Raffles Place and then I started walking around the area and towards Telok Ayer street.

Was walking along Amoy Street when I realised it could be a great place to shoot the picture I’ve had wanted. Walked further down the street before I took this photo:

Met up with Hairol after exploring the area for a while and took some photos while exploring.

Since Hairol wanted to get some stuff for Hari Raya, we walked down from Telok Ayer to Marina Square. (Yes! Walked)
The haze has created some interesting lighting properties, so while walking towards Marina Square, I took some photos along the way with some great effects. The photos can be found on the Flickr link on the sidebar.

Got my hands on a Sony alpha dSLR at the Sony Gallery at Wisma Atria. The feeling of the shutter releasing was wonderful. Very tempted to get a dSLR. Anyone willing to give me a Canon EOS 400D. (350D also can)

The short essay I wrote with the photo I’ve taken. Thanks to Hairol, Christabel and Jun Kwang for their invaluable feedback.


The Departed

Finally got to watch The Departed, Martin Scorsese’s interpretation of Hong Kong’s sleeper hit Infernal Affairs (They don’t make movies like Infernal Affairs anymore, now its those pop idol bullshit…)

For me, this movie is like Ron Howard’s The Da Vinci Code, where I already knew about the story and is just there to see how the director is gonna present the movie and spot the difference.

As with other adaptations (be it from a book or foreign movie), there is a slight departure (pun intended) from the original story. The movie has a great casting and my favorite character is easily Mark Wahlberg’s, (Man, where I can learn to swear like that? Damn friggin creative) although his character at the end is a tad “extra”. The entire storyline is a good one, except for the beginning, where the development towards part where they suspected that there is a snitch (a “cheese eating rat bastard”, to put in Frank Costello words) in both side of the law. It could be better if they showed some botched operations to carry the idea of a mole in them. Also the movie could show some irony if the two main characters actually knew each other (like in Infernal Affairs) but that link could be present in the psychologist.

In all, the movie is quite atuned to the original, except for some necessary changes for it to fit into the American culture and the Irish mob setting. What I think was really weak is the ending scene, I pretty much think the movie would be significantly better if it ended as a cliffhanger like the original but a cameo in the end redeemed it just a bit.


Licence to Drive

After waiting for seven months, I’ve finally passed my driving test and got my driving licence today.

For the past few driving lessons that I’ve had, it was mostly in the circuit, to familiarise with the circuit layout and its procedures. Up till this morning’s practise before the test, I was still making some stupid mistake, stuff like failing to check blind spot and abrupt lane change still bug me… After practising for about 40 minutes in the circuit, it was time to report for the test. Went up to the TP office on the second floor to submit the test documents. Waited a while to draw lots for tester and test route. Was assigned to test route 3.

We drove around the circuit first, completing the stations before moving out for the road test. The test route is to go from BBDC to Bukit Batok road and down to CCK. Made some mistake here and there… Abrupt lane change, insufficient acceleration during move off and changing lane near traffic lights… When he told me to make a right turn back to BBDC at a junction at CCK road, I thought I had failed… Since part of the test route is to make a left turn there and perform a U-Turn.

When we got back to BBDC and back to the briefing room. The tester “debriefed” me on the test and pointed out to me the errors I’ve made. And then he said: “OK, you’ve passed. Go watch the video.”

The feeling that then was euphoric! No more driving lesson, no more worrying about making stupid mistakes during test!

Waited quite a while for the safety video to start at 1215. And after the video, the TP counter was flooded with people… Mostly from the Class 2A test. Seems like the day was waiting, waiting and more waiting… My test slot was at 11am and I didn’t leave the centre till it was 1330…


Return of the Haze

Seems like the Haze only took a day off on Sunday when the PSI dropped down to below 50. The air cleared up and I wasn’t short of breath. The visibility increased too, as shown in the picture. You can see all the way to the end of Jurong Industrial Area.

Now that the haze is back for work, the PSI is back up to 81 as of 6pm today. And the visibility has dropped to 2-3km. Wanted to go jogging these few days but seeing the air quality, I better shelf the idea, wait till its Sunday or something, when the haze is taking a break.