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Archive for June, 2006


Killing for a living

So I’ve just went for the CAI (Computer Aided Instruction) for my CST (Combat Survival Training) at PLC (Pasir Laba Camp). (What’s with SAF and abbreviation?)

Basically for CAI, its just sitting in front of a computer and going thru lessons in the computer. For the CST course, the lessons are basic survival skills. Stuff like what to do and what not to do. Now, the highlight and the most interesting part of this CAI is the Skinning segment where they show videos of actual skinning. In the video demostration, they demostrated how to kill the animals and skin them. Pretty gruesome I must say. You either twist their head off or just simply wack them on their head… Afterwhich you’ll have to gut them and remove the gall bladder. Pretty gruesome I must say. Most of them time I’m wondering, why don’t they just spare the animals the misery and just decapitate them instead of breaking their skull… Could be that in a survival situation, you may not have the correct tools… Well… I don’t know…

And the actual skinning is gonna take place on Friday… I wonder how am I gonna do it…


Future Cat

Got myself a pair of Puma Future Cat shoes last week at the Puma flagship store down at Marina Square.

Nice, ain't it.

Been wanting to get a pair of Puma shoes for quite awhile (as posted in Show Me The Money! and Treasure Hunting) and was eyeing the Repli Cat originally but on the trip to the store at MS, the design of the Future Cat really caught my eye. In conjuction with the Great Singapore Sale, the Puma Store is having a 10% discount on all shoes, so I bought mine for about $98 as compared to the usual $109. Next on the list, a pair of Asic running shoes. Think I'll get it the next payday at Queensway.


Where the Hell is Matt?

The latest viral video to hit the internet now is Where the Hell is Matt?

It shows the video creator, Matt Harding, going around the world dancing at iconic scene of that particular country. Thanks to the background music, Sweet Lullaby, now I'm hooked onto music by Deep Forest.

I wonder if I'm able to do what he's doing, work my ass off, save up some money, leave everything behind and go backpacking around the world.


A whole new meaning to Eye Power

On the cover of today's Wanbao

Rough translation:

Cameron Red Footed Monk
Cure illnesses at a glance

Heh, and I thought eye power only exist in the SAF


The Great Escape

CST – Combat Survival Training, the most dreaded course in our Scout Platoon has resurfaced again… And this time, its confirmed and scheduled from the 3rd of July to the 7th…

According to those who’ve went through the course, it involves killing of live animals for food, navigation and POW training.

As for the schedule, it goes somewhat like this:
On the first day, we’ll book-in into Tekong and stay at Eastern Pier for the night feeding mosquitoes. Since they didn’t say anything about not allowing civvie food for that evening, I think i’ll bring some canned food over. The next day will be the start of the navigation exercise. You might be thinking: “Hell, you’re a recce trooper, navigation will be a piece of cake for you.” But you haven’t got the whole story yet, its a navex with MP tracking dog hot on your heels. Hows that for working under pressure…

Next on the list, whether you’re caught by the MP or not, will be the POW training. The infamous training which cost the life a commando and the careers of a couple of regulars. Only this time, they omitted the dunking. (How thoughtful of them…) They’ll sort of torture you (I view temptation with food when one’s hungry as torture) and interrogate you into giving up information. Should you not able to withstand the interrogate give up the information, you’ll have to go through the whole shit again…

Up next will be the jungle survival training, something like JCC’s Ex Chill Hermit but not as siong. We’ll be required to build an A-Frame out in the jungle and live alone, although our assigned sites be quite close to each other. Basically, we’ll have to “live off the land” by getting food and preparing shelter using anything we can find. And the grand finale of the course will be *drumroll* the killing and preparing of live animals for food. Yes, we’ll be learning how to kill animals with our bare hands and prepare them using any tools we have. We will be killing eels and frogs and there might even be quails and rabbits. I gonna spare the details on how to kill them… I have no idea how am I gonna do it but I think when the hunger comes, anything goes.

And did I mention that we’ll not be getting any cookhouse food (except for a cup of Milo and some bread) but only ‘fresh’ ration at the end of the course?

If you’re looking for my experience during my CST,Β  read this post.


Tick, tock…

Was surfing around when I came across this event ticker thingy:

Cool, ain't it? 


Let the games begin!

The World Cup officially began on Saturday with the kickoff between Germany and Costa Rica. Managed to stay up and watch the match but I could only last till half time before I get knocked out cold… Had to wake up early for combat shoot, so didn't really wanted to stay up and watch the entire game. Handling live rounds the next day you know πŸ˜›

Had to go for my combat shoot the third time… Had to complete two combat shoots during my NS term and the first one was void due to the IPETS malfunctioning… At least the for the next two shoots, they were conducted by the rifle coys. Who were much more efficient then our support coy… Was really demoralised yesterday at the live firing area 'cause its a saturday and instead of sleeping at home, I was at the SAFTI live firing area feeding mosquitoes… Rained a little yesterday but thank God it was only a little drizzle (as compare to the downpour the previous day…) and we managed to complete the shoot with a little hiccup (the IPETS screwed up again… but they managed to fix it). Got bitten like crazy by the mosquitoes… Got bumps all over my body including my ass-crack… How the hell they got up there, I have no idea. The bumps are still itching now…

Anyway, reached back camp at around midnight and had to clean my rifle… The carbon deposits are bloody hard to remove… One can go crazy cleaning the rifle after shooting both live rounds and blanks with carbon accumulating at every nook and cranny. Ordered McDonald's for supper and due to some miscommunication, the delivery guy ended up waiting at the gate for some 15 to 20 mins. Poor guy. Finished everything at around 3am and since it was too late to sleep (no point sleeping for 2 hours… had to wake up at 5 plus) and too early to do anything else, me and another two of my bunkmates went to watch the match between Argentina and Ivory Coast. A very exciting match with Ivory Coast putting immense pressure on the Argentines. The match ended with 2-1 and although they lost, the Ivory Coast team played beautifully.

Feelin' pretty screwed up now since I've only slept like 4 hours for the past 30+ hours. 


Jose +10

Seems like Adidas has been churning out interesting advertisement lately. The latest one is the Jose +10 ad. Part of their +10 and impossible is nothing ad campaign. Very good concept where two kids get to choose their all star team. The look on their faces when Beckenbauer comes out is classic.

Another good ad is the Hello Tomorrow ad, advertising the adidas-1 shoe. A very surreal feel to the ad.


Seems like people having been coming to my blog looking for the title of the songs played in the Jose +10 ad.
The first song played during the selection is De L'alouette by RJD2 and the second song played during the match is Eanie Meany by Jim Noir.


The good old days

Saw this video on Andy's blog.
Reminds me the of days back on Tekong.


Set Lasers for Stun

Went to the PC Show today with Weiting and Jian Jie. This year, it is held at Suntec City instead of the usual Singapore Expo. Interestingly, according to The Straits Times, the expo hall in Suntec is bigger (10,600 sq ft) than Singapore Expo (10,000 sq ft). Always thought that Singapore Expo has a bigger area than Suntec… Also, the exposition is only confined to the sixth floor, as compared to the previous IT Show which was held on the fourth and sixth floor.

Anyway, reached Suntec at around half past noon. The crowd there was still bearable. Weiting was hunting for a digital camera, so I accompanied him around the hall looking at cameras. Quite a few nice looking show girls giving out pamplets and together with interesting stuff to look at, it was quite hard to concentrate and either of them πŸ˜›
Went down for lunch at around 1pm and when we went up after that, the crowd was significantly larger. Continued to "look-see" and I bought a laser printer when we were about to leave. The laser printer I bought is a Brother HL-2040 which is selling at $178 with a free trolley, toner and USB cable. Was suppose to get a USB cable but I think they left it out… Anyway, a USB cable is quite cheap as compared to a toner which they didn't leave out. πŸ˜€

A pretty good printer I should say. Very fast warm up and the printout is also fast and clear. According to online reviews, the toner also last quite a long time and 300dpi and toner save mode. Together with the free toner, I think it'll last me a long time πŸ˜‰